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no indicators please help

12-01-2009, 17:34
hey guys, for some reason my indicators have stopped working on my evo5, no front, no rear, not even a peep out of the hazard button.

Iv replaced the front indicators with clear ones and changed them back to origional with still no luck :(

could it be a fuse? any idea where i should check? i dont really want to drive the car as it is.

many thanks

Brian Carroll
12-01-2009, 18:02
Unless your clock and one or two other things are out as well, it's probably not the fuse and likely to be the flasher unit in the J/B down under the dash on the drivers side.

12-01-2009, 18:56
if its the flasher unit the indicators will still light up just will not flash see if they light up when you put the indicator stalk up:smthumbup

12-01-2009, 20:20
thanks for the input guys.

the clock and everything else works fine

the indicators still wont work, not when i press the hazard switch, stalk, alarm fob, no clicking or anything :(

this has only happened since i removed the indicators but i was very carefull in doing this and replacing the origional ones.

could something have tripped or blown? when id fitted the new lights i double checked everything, pressed the hazard switch after fitting, now it clicked once and then nothing.

any ideas would be great as i use a busy motorway for work and this is going to cause a massive problem :(

Brian Carroll
12-01-2009, 21:06
Scratch what I said about the clock being out. There are 2 fuses that are implicated, both 10A and one appears to be in the relay box under bonnet, the other is 10A in the J/B under the dash. It does rather sound like they might have gone.

Also, just to clarify, despite what's been said above if the flasher unit fails, it depends how it's failed whether the lights would come on but simply not flash. The default state for the flasher unit is 'off' so you can't use that as a method for diagnosis of the flasher unit.

All that said, I'm wondering why the indicators don't flash with the alarm as that's usually wired in directly, that would suggest you have a short in the bulb holders or close by where you've been changing things.

12-01-2009, 21:46
hey guys, this is my last post untill i get payed at the end of the month and become a fully payed member :(

Anyway iv found the hazard fuse under the bonnet had been blown so changed that to quickly find out it was the new light honders that was shorting it out.

so back to origional indicators now and hazard works but still no alarm flashing or general indicators.

Think it could have blown a seperate fuse for these or blown the flasher unit?

thanks in advance guys and i'll have to thank you via pm from now on lol


EDIT it was fuse 10A, everything works now apart from the alarm flashing, any idea where the fuse could be? its a viper

its the last time i buy lights from ebay to!

Brian Carroll
12-01-2009, 21:54
The fuse that does the indicators is in the J/B up under the dash on the drivers side, again 10A. I suspect your alarm connections are also fused in which case you probably have 2 fuses out there as well, they'll be somewhere in the alarm loom where it's spliced into the indicator loom.

Brian Carroll
12-01-2009, 23:20
There's usually 2 fuses assuming the alarm is still working which you seem to be saying it is (by which I mean the alarm fuse itself hasn't gone) - basically the alarm splices into the left and right side indicator circuits seperately. As to where, don't know, find the alarm unit and trace the loom that comes out of it is all I can suggest. Might be under the bonnet somewhere, you're probably looking for 2 in-line fuse holders. Don't know anything about Viper alarms I'm afraid that would help, I wouldn't have thought the fuses would be on the alarm unit itself but always worth a look. The car loom runs down the drivers side of the engine bay and this would be one natural place for an installer to splice into the indicators. Alternatively, if the main alarm unit is up under the dash somewhere with only the siren under bonnet then somewhere up under the drivers side dash would be a natural place.