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ralliart 260 rom

16-04-2008, 17:20
hi all does anyone have this or no where i can download it just got a tactrix cable and was going to flash my ecu with ecuflash from open ecu and stuff from evolution net but been told it doenst work aswell on 260s, just trying to get rid of boost limit the now and see if my cel light goes out cheers for :smthumbup

16-04-2008, 17:30
pm grayw he has it

16-04-2008, 21:21
No need for you to get a Ralliart ROM, just download your own from the car, and up the boost cut on that.


16-04-2008, 22:07
yeah but its there not more benefits from the ralliart rom also rather than just upping the boost cut cheers