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factory ecu boost control Q's

04-03-2008, 20:52
I have just fitted some 272 cams, walbro, plugs, 10.5 housing along with the exhaust and filter on there already. i have a avcr ready to go in , but was wondering if its needed or the factory boost can control say 1.7 bar.
I want to get to the 400 mark, any advice would be good??


04-03-2008, 21:28
You can make the factory boost control work quite well, but you will need to adjust the restrictor sizes to get higher boost levels.
You can use a 3 port solenoid for better control, as the OEM single solenoid is not great.
For the quickest and least time consuming method, the AVCR is great:)

04-03-2008, 22:27
I have converted to using a 3 port and it is very much easier to set up than the stock BCS, with the ECU controling boost. But if you have an AVCR already then that would be the simplest way to do things.


05-03-2008, 10:06
think i will fit the avcr , only problem is it now has a bad rattle!!!
Could be intresting!!