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ECUflash ALS paramters EIX

23-02-2008, 17:39
I'm trying to get the ALS on my IX working using the trusty ECUflash suite and tactrix cable.

What paramteres need to be set in order to activate this for a mild pop and bang?

I note the air injection time is so i guess this is the key to activating the system just need a push so i'm going in the right direction

23-02-2008, 18:26
Retard the over-run ignition and push up the air injection time is a good start.

I played with it and using mild settings it was a gentle rumble or occasional pop on lift off when it was all nice and hot. Made no difference to the drive and was a gimmick, so apart from decoding the locations which obviously you now have in your xml file I didn't put much more time into it.

23-02-2008, 20:14
On mine (evo 7 ecu) I have put -10 into the load scales for the timing on 10, 20, and -5 into scale 30.

With the fueling in the same scales I have upped it quite high, but not sure if it makes much / if any difference as it hits closed loop control pretty quickly.

The RPM's i've done this in are 1500 - 5500.

This as above, just sounds like mild thunder following you about, with the ocassional pop and bang, but if you try and drive it gently to get it to stay in those load scales the car does get a little jumpy.

But I have the latest V5 tephra patch so have map switching, used it alot for the first couple of days, but haven't touched it for a while now :lol: