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Who supplies Gizzmo ECU's

17-02-2008, 20:41
Cud sum1 please give me sum info on who maps and supplies gizzmo ecu's for an evo3
Cheers Michael

17-02-2008, 20:51
Does the English language still exist :confused:

17-02-2008, 21:00
Its not hard 2 figure out

17-02-2008, 21:02
evo3ben would be the man to ask

17-02-2008, 21:16
or pete aka petbeemer or olly at autofixed they can do you a custom made one for your mods

17-02-2008, 21:23
We will be doing these soon :)

18-02-2008, 19:25
Have had a Gizzmo chipped ecu for 4 years now and i must admit i think its brilliant. I got my chip set up and sent over from New Zealand, fitted it to ecu over here and away you go. It runs rich and over fuels alot especially when running a walbro. It needs another fuel computer to tame it down but once that is sorted it runs fine. Given me some very good results. But, as far as i am aware Gizzmo have stopped doing the chips now and are concetrating on total replacement Gizzmo ecu's.
Gizzmo have a big following in Australia and New Zealand and they really know there early evo's over there that really says something. :coolsm:

19-02-2008, 13:06
We are the UK distributor for Gizzmo.

19-02-2008, 16:09
Iirc Briggsy contacted Gizzmo direct and spoke to them about getting a chip for his e1. He told them what mods he had and also what were in the pipline and he was advised the best way to go was sm2? autronics via mark sheed.
He has now gone down the socketed ecu route.