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Joining in

19-03-2003, 23:36

I've been following this forum for a few months now and thought I'd finally join in.

I've had a VR-4 since August last year and I'm loving every inch I drive in it. It's the dark blue (Indigo Blue Pearl) with cream leather seats and wood/leather Nardi steering wheel.

Think it's stunning to look at...though right now I'm tormented by a stone-chip the size of a frisby (seems that big in my mind) just over the headlight!!!

Why a VR-4? Well, I used to amble along in slow little cars and prefer it. Then I met my wife. She had a Granada Cosworth. Sadly, she passed away and of course I wanted to keep the Cosworth forever. Memories. But rust said no way.

So I needed a replacement...something executive class, as nippy as the Cosworth (which I'd gotten used to), and I wanted something rare...but not rare because it was crap. Mate of mine says how's about a Galant? He said the V6 Sport would be about the same as the Cosworth and do me fine.

So onto Auto Trader and the nearest was a VR-4. Never heard of it, but my mate had. Get it...he joked!!!! He knew it was a bit nippy for little old me. But I figured I'd go sit in it and if it felt right, go further afield to find a V6 Sport.

But I got there and wow! And I sat in it. Wow! And people came looking while I was sat in it as though they were waiting to sit in it and buy it and I just thought...**** off, the lot of you. It's mine!!!! So I said I'd have it (pending test drive). Talk about an impulse buy.

So, just what I wanted....rare (I've seen four VR-4s in 8 months and not too many more Galants), but damned good.

Anyway, here to chat and join in


19-03-2003, 23:40
Evo 6 guy myself but welcome to the forum, nice car by the way:beerchug: :smthumbup

19-03-2003, 23:46
Hi Jamo

Welcome and I like the car. Your reasons are similar to ours for buying a VR-4. We like to have "different" cars and having had a Galant before we saw the VR-4 as the ultimate.

We have had ours for a month and love it to bits.

Have you seen the post about Japfest ? Would you be interested ?



20-03-2003, 02:07
nice looking motor.
hope to see you at japfest.

20-03-2003, 02:29
sorry to hear bout your wife mate:( but in spirit bet she loves your car as i do very much,
how bout some more pics of it, back, interiors, engine and stuff,
have fun in it mate;)

20-03-2003, 10:23
Very moving and eloquent post. A cut above the usual and most welcome. Come on in....

Doc (Two years of ownership and not one regret).

20-03-2003, 15:19

Cheers for the hellos.

I'm sure my wife would have loved this car. She loved her Granada Cosworth and was a great driver, having done advanced driving courses. We'd already started wondering what our next car would be, knowing we didn't want the frog-eyed Scorpio Cosworth. I wish more than anything that I was sat in the passenger seat with her whizzing me round in the VR-4. Bet she'd have a big grin.

Someone asked for interior pics and I'll post one...but an engine pic would show nothing different from others already posted...would it?

I am interested in Japfest and have started talking plans with a couple of pals (one with a G60 VW Jetta...the guy who told me to go look at a Galant...boy, am I grateful to him...the other with a nice Golf). But we'd drive along in my VR-4 and probably park down the back somewhere.


20-03-2003, 21:37
it would be a shame to park your motor round the back ;)
you should join us (if we get it) on our stand.
what u think?

Nick VR4
26-03-2003, 15:19
Hi Jamo

Welcome to the site
You have the same interior as me cream leather very comfy IMHO

Pete Iles
26-03-2003, 17:17
But I got there and wow! And I sat in it. Wow! And people came looking while I was sat in it as though they were waiting to sit in it and buy it and I just thought...**** off, the lot of you. It's mine!!!!

Hahaha, that's just the way it is:D Welcome to you


02-04-2003, 21:00
Ow do James, top motor, have you had a main dealer service the AYC yet? how much was it, cant get a proper answer off mine, have scoob specialist do it at the mo.

Lee (workmate of Ians - G60)

02-04-2003, 21:07
my AYC cost me 130 ish? full flush and reset on the ecu...

btw, welcome J, and hope you come to Japfest, the more the merrier!!!

02-04-2003, 21:18
cheers Barry, hows your motor, i know you said it was the diff but was it anything to do with the AYC

soz barry, just read your reply in TGC.

not sure on Japfest, bit far for me but you never know (thats if i still have the VR4)

02-04-2003, 22:21

I had my 36k service in December at a main dealer, yes. I've got the bill in front of me....

It says...AYC DIFF RESMZ312096, 106 [email protected]1.20=127.20

Then there's the rest of the service stuff, but to summarize, it was Parts: 230.79 Labour: 228 VAT: 80.29.

So the total was 539.08 in December 2002.

I think that's dearer than most, if not all, in the thread about the price of the 36k service. However, I'm in Surrey and you wanna see the price of fish'n'chips down here! I grew up in Manchester, been here four years and still find myself gobsmacked at the price of everything.

That said, this Mitsubishi dealer has been excellent (apart from one little letdown which they made up quickly after a quick snarl from me). Altogether an experience in service a hundred times better than I experienced with the Granada Cosworth at Ford main dealers, independants and one bizarre visit to an AA service centre.

Decent folk at Mitsubishi so far. If they ever let me down, I'm ready to try Tuning Japanese that are nearer actually, and got a good feature write up in Banzai.