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best place for a remap

08-02-2008, 21:27
I live in co Durham where is the closest place to get evo 4 remapped I have the evo 5 ecu fitted thanks

08-02-2008, 21:29
Is Halifax far from you?? try TRL.....Matt........

08-02-2008, 21:33
Im from South Shields, i had my Evo V ecutek'd by Matt at The Racing Line in Halifax last year, was the closest place to me that i trusted... i would strongly recommend him :smthumbup

08-02-2008, 21:43
does anyone have a number for Matt at The Racing Line

MAT 325
08-02-2008, 22:44

09-02-2008, 07:22
another vote for matt.

09-02-2008, 20:49
you could john pye motorsport in bishop aucland mate

they seem to know there stuff and also stockist of some tasty aftermarket ecu's