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Tyres what ones

Nick VR4
26-02-2003, 12:11
Posted this in the Wheels Tyre forum and no ****er answered me question :(
Looking at new tyres VR4 Legnum all 4 corners
So far quotes are
Continental = 109.99 each all in valve/balancing
P6000 = 104-99 each inc
Yoko's = 140 each inc
Falken = 92.99 each

Any feed back would be helpfull

Cheers Nick

26-02-2003, 14:01
Hi Nick,

Sorry, didn't see your earlier post - ****in useless, me ;)

I just fitted 4x Avon ZZ-3 (235/45ZR17) to my VR-4 for 100 each fitted. Only done about 400 miles on them, so probably a bit early to say how good they are. I'm currently experiencing a bit of understeer but I tend to run quite high pressures (34psi all round) so I'll maybe drop these a bit if it's still evident at the 1000 miles mark.

Previous tyres were Yokohama Advan A-046s as fitted as standard to Evo 7s in Japan. Wouldn't recommend these - very noisy, and they distorted under the weight/load of the VR-4. Got only around 8k miles from them before they were shot - wear patterns were very strange.

Before that, was using Nankangs on the original wheels with 225/50VR16s - they were surprisingly good! But I went for the Avons because I liked the tread pattern better :rolleyes: .

Previously experience Bridgestone S-02s on my twin-turbo Legacy - had six sets of these and they were great, but I think they've been superseded by the S-03 which isn't as good.

Wife uses Goodyear Eagle F1s on her Peugeot 206cc and they seem to be pretty good, but I haven't any direct experience of them.


26-02-2003, 20:10

I have had :

P6000s: Not very good. Had a set of four for three months (6k).....
S02s: Good and grippy, lasted a year (20k).
Toyo Proxes: Been running the for about three months, and they look like the new S02s. Quiet, grippy and very reliable.

Hope this helps....


Brian - Did you get my PM ???

27-02-2003, 09:31

I've PM'd you back today. Apologies for the delay.


27-02-2003, 11:59
take a look at What Car Jan 2003:

has a tyre test review. best quoted pireli P zero rosos. Interesting bit about the lack of grip of wide tyres in the wet compared to standard tyres, which have more wet grip.

I'd go for the P zeros.

27-02-2003, 17:09
The FTO Owners Club has a discount deal with blackcircles.com whu not use our site to get a quote for various makes.


Personally I quite like Avon ZZ3`s

Nick VR4
28-02-2003, 08:16
Cheers :beerchug: