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EVO 7 GTA - limited to 112mph?

10-09-2007, 18:53
does anyone know if the ecu can be de-ristricted and who can do it? also can you just fit a uk evo 7 ecu instead? :confused:

10-09-2007, 19:55
You'll need to change the ECU. There's a firm in Japan that will do an exchange unit. I can't remember the details but Google the Mitsubishi Airtrek forum and there are plenty of references there.

The E7 manual ECU cannot be used in the auto GTA.
Hope this helps. ;)

10-09-2007, 20:19
Can you just fit a standard (manual) speed signal converter, or dose that screw up the auto transmission?

Another option would be an EcuTek upgrade which, presumably, could change the speed restriction?


10-09-2007, 20:24
Grants, I believe that you are correct and placing the convertor in front of the ECU buggers up the shift points and self learning of the INVECS gearbox.

Somebody did have one done and I spoke to him about it when we did a test on the new (then) VIII at Bruntingthorpe but I cannot remember who, or who did his conversion other than remembering it was a UK based company (Nick at NR?)

16-09-2007, 00:36
Hi m8 you may find some useful information about your ecu and how to go about modifying your gt-a in this thread.

click here (https://www.lancerregister.com/showthread.php?threadid=133305&highlight=gta+ecutek)

Hope this helps... :)



27-10-2007, 09:08
You DO not need to change the ECU - just get an Ecutek upgrade as that removes the limiter.

Be wary of any ECU upgrades, as the GTA is very different - you need to etain the standard ECU whatever you do as it controls the gearbox. You can get a 2nd ECU if you want more that 450bhp, but the Ecutek will go up to the 430/450 level OK, provided you get other mods in line (see mt car for an example of whats needed!)


27-03-2008, 13:17
My GTA is limited in 4th gear but not 5th, let me know if your is the same when its done as I am trying to find a solution to get my limiter removed from 4th gear as its only at about 6k when it hits and still pulling more than it does in 5th, v. annoying.

27-03-2008, 19:06
The Ecutek upgrade removes the speed limiter completely. there is still a rev limiter (at redline) to stop you destroying the engine thru over-revving.

Try RC Developments - they can reprogram the car properly.


28-03-2008, 10:52
The limiter has been removed twice on mine to no avail in 4th gear, seems that there is another issue. The guy that ran the GT-A website a while back had the same problem, turns out that there was a chip attached the the speedo to convert it to MPH and also one at the gearbox (for the SVA or something) I may have the same issue as its the same symptoms so off to Matt at TRL in a week or so to get it looked at. Need to get the one removed from the gearbox I think.

Matt will sort you out. I was gonna pop over to say hi but got to drop car off first thing to paint shop, what time you gonna be there?


18-04-2008, 13:34
u can try ecu from mine's..but u need to send back u'r stock ecu to them...or just reflash u'r ecu with ecutek or if ecuflash(really cheap)