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Uprated Exhaust.

18-12-2002, 14:08
Anyone got any VR-4 specific recommendations ?

chris g
03-01-2003, 16:12
Hayward and Scott offered s/s free-flowing exhaust system for my 99 vr4

i.e. s/s system 750 plus two free-flowing cats 750

Total 1500 fitted

They need car for a few ? days

Not had it done but thinking of it - more money than sense, that's me ?!

Other option not explored is cat-free - no idea which system but then you have to refit cats for MoT

Too much trouble for me

Chris Griffiths

Davy T
03-01-2003, 21:27
I have an HKS Thingummybob fitted :D

Sorry I can't be more specific, was on the car when I bought it from Xtreme. However, I can ask them what model it is if you're interested?

Nice and boomy (now I've taken that goddamn muffler baffle thing out!), especially between 2.5k and 3.5k, nice and quiet at a steady cruising speed of 100mph (on a private test track of course :D )

Any more info you want just shout, happy to help.

Davy T

03-01-2003, 21:39
imho, I've got a nice exhaust on mine - looks well made and does the business as required - quiet on cruise and idle, howls and rasps on WOT.

I'll have a crawl under the car and find the make if you want?

VR4 passed it's MOT with no problems today, so I'm a happy bunny.

Silver '97 Legnum VR4
Aberdeen, UK

04-01-2003, 11:26
Most of the FTO Owners (here I go again :) recomend custom made exhausts from Tube Torque (http://www.tubetorque.co.uk/) in macclesfield

04-01-2003, 11:46
Originally posted by Calum
I'll have a crawl under the car and find the make if you want?Memory going again? It's made by Fujitsubo and I can attest to the lovely racket it makes! I don't know if they have a UK distie but I think Takakaira can supply them.
VR4 passed it's MOT with no problems today, so I'm a happy bunny.Good, hands-free kit OK?

04-01-2003, 12:38
Thanks, chunky. Yes, my memory had gone again and I couldn't find the link to Fujitsubo's web-site (japanese) that you mailed me last year.

Funnily enough, I just tried typing it in and it's http://www.fujitsubo.co.jp!

Is there anything that Tacky Harry won't supply?

MOT - there was an 'advisory' on steering rack end joints - anyone else had this?

Hands-free kit installed and working perfectly, thanks. That'll be Lenita's phone bills doubling now!


Silver '97 Legnum VR4
Aberdeen, UK

07-01-2003, 17:43
Thanks Guys. I appreciate the help here. Still undecided as to what to do. I still need new discs and think those should be done before the exhaust.....

Aynone got anything other than standard discs???

07-01-2003, 20:24
Yep - know that feeling. Just about to order some from Mitsubishi. Got a good (?) price of 153+VAT

Are the discs the same as the Evo IV? As far as I can tell they are.

'97 Legnum VR4

chris g
07-01-2003, 21:27
I enquired about brake upgrade and definitely two choices

Xtreme offer Brembo discs/calipers etc taking spec as I understand to Evo VI but need 18" wheels - with tyres of course
3.5k approx for discs/calipers etc - then the wheels and tyres!

Or got to Hi-Spec in S. London for upgrade
I know MR2's with brake upgrades and Hi-Spec have good reputation I believe and a good product and back-up

Take car to them and they will custom produce/fit after advising you

As with exhaust I am still considering my options

Chris Griffiths

17-01-2003, 12:41
As the wife has the car today I can't get near it with my measuring tape and wanted to order some discs. Anybody know the std diameter of a 97 legnum VR4's front discs?


'97 Legnum VR4
Aberdeen, UK

17-01-2003, 13:45
Disc Diameter is 294 MM
Thickness is 24 mm.

I knew this would come in handy one day !!!


17-01-2003, 15:38
Thanks, Phil.

I've found a place that does them for 33.79 each + VAT. Sounds OK to me.

http://www.brakesint.co.uk. (http://www.brakesint.co.uk)

They said they sell quite a lot of these so I'm reckoning they are the same as the Evo 4/ 5.



19-01-2003, 20:06
Ive used these a few times as they are local for previous cars and the girlfriends mx5, always been ok but they are budget discs

03-02-2003, 10:56
Ok, narrowed it down to two options:

Tarox Grooved Discs - Designed for Mitsi Eclipse but will fit a Galant VR4.
Cutsom Grooved and Drilled Discs from HiSpec - still 294 mm discs but not sure about the effect drilling will have on them...

Perhaps it would be cheaper to learn how to drive an Auto properly....

Nick_NR4 - good to see you at the weekend. Glad to know other VR4 owners really do exist.

H&S Stainless steel exhaust being fitted in the first week of March. We'll see how it does...!

03-02-2003, 13:03
Originally posted by Calum
'97 Legnum VR4
Aberdeen, UK

Are you the guy who was at the Star RR day on Sunday? I was behind you for a while in the burd's GT4. That's a sweet car. I've never seen a Legnum before but it looked like a cool cruiser :)

Nick VR4
03-02-2003, 13:56
Hi Doc

Yeah you should have driven your's down as well
That could have been a all time record
x3 VR4 in the same place

:rofl: ;)

03-02-2003, 16:16
Are you the guy who was at the Star RR day on Sunday?
'twas indeed.

That's a sweet car.
Thanks! Believe it or not, we bought it thinking it wouldn't attract as much attention as the GT4! Was meant to be a bit of a sleeper. Now I've had it a year, I'm learning that people like estate cars (well this one, anyway) more than they would normally let on in general conversation.

in the burd's GT4
It's the other way round with me. The mitsubishi's the wife's car, the GT4's mine. Summat to do with the mitsu having an auto box and traffic on the way to work.

Lenita chose the GT4, but I drive it. I chose the VR4, but she drives that.

Take it you're Chris? Hope you got Claire's radiator sorted. I was standing with wiggy and DavyP when you arrived. Sorry about making a dash for it too, but you guys seemed to be welded to the seats in KFC! I did blast the horn on the way past and give you a wave, though.

I've posted a link to the graph in the thread about 'vr4 performance' but here it is again anyways:


I thought there was an excellent turn out at Star considering the weather. Didn't intend to put the car on the rollers as it was meant to be more of a GT4 day, but was easily persuaded once I got there.

The guy at Star (Jim?) really liked the VR4 too. He said he could hardly hear the engine on the rollers, and that the curves were some of the smoothest he'd seen from a twin turbo set up.

Nice drive back north too - once we got past Dundee the weather was beautiful - really clear and sunny with a dusting of snow on the landscape. Scotland at it's best!



04-02-2003, 10:03
Originally posted by Calum

Take it you're Chris? Hope you got Claire's radiator sorted. I was standing with wiggy and DavyP when you arrived. Sorry about making a dash for it too, but you guys seemed to be welded to the seats in KFC! I did blast the horn on the way past and give you a wave, though.

Calum [/B]

Allo, yeah I'm Chris.
The radiator is still just temp fixed with weld :rolleyes: but a new radiator is on-order.
KFC was warm - outside wasnt - simple really :-D

My mate has just bought a VR-4 too - luuuvely cars. He got it on Sunday morning and said he saw you at South Queensferry area as he drove by. Here's a pic of it (if it works)


I've found the GT4 doesnt attract much attention at all - when we're out in the FTO it's my car that gets all the looks - Claire only gets attention cause she's blonde! :p hahaha

04-02-2003, 14:38

You could be correct! The Tarox Discs I ordered today are for EVO IVs, but they match the specs of the VR4, so I took a punt and went for them. Will let you guys know if they are any good.

04-02-2003, 14:54
Well if they don't fit there's something wrong, 'cos I have now bought, fitted and been stopping with Evo IV front discs for a week or so.

Exactly the same as far as I could tell.

Handy tip - when changing your discs, there's a couple of little holes in between the wheel stud holes that are threaded. Screw a couple of M10 bolts in there to bring the old discs off - works a treat and saves bashing them with a mallet.

While you're at it, I would check that the stupid floating calipers are actually 'floating'. My offside front caliper was floating in a style akin to the way a block of flats would 'float'. Took it off, cleaned out the holes and put it back together with a bit of copper grease. Worked a treat and brakes are now much better. The nearside one was OK, though.

Hope you've got a good socket set, it really makes a difference. The caliper was pretty well bolted on - I used a bit of copper grease when putting that back together. If you are using copper grease, bear in mind that you only need about a half to three quarters of the torque you would use on a dry bolt to get the same level of 'tightness'.

I'm going to check the back ones too, cos I really do not rate the brakes on this thing at all - surely they're not meant to require that much pedal effort!

Piece of pi55 to change really. Took me about an hour and a half and that was working in the street and having to de-sieze the caliper.



04-02-2003, 16:02
Now that sounds a lot of work...Car needs an MOT, will get the discs done at the same time.
Here's a larf : I went to Tax my car today and was told I needed an MOT certificate.
"My car is not yet 3 years old"
"It says so on the form, you need an MOT Certificate"
Much shouting and cursing at Post Office Meathead ensued, which ended up with me saying to the Clerk "You should not have been conceived, you were supposed to be a blow job."
It appears that my car got its SVA in Nov 99, but was not registered until July 2003.
Hence, it now needs an MOT. Wonderful....

04-02-2003, 16:18
What - your cars minus 5 months old? Now that is new!

Had a similar thing with the Post Office when I went to get my tax in January. The last MOT had 364 instead of 365 in the reg plate so they wouldn't give me the tax.

As I pointed out to them, 'if I was trying to de-fraud you do you really think I'd be stupid enough to come in with an MOT certificate with such a blatant error on it?'

Tried a few Post offices with the same response. One ahead-of-schedule MOT later, I now have a tax disc.

Bloody jobsworths.


10-02-2003, 13:11
Well, the grooved Tarox discs are in, but need to be bedded in for a few hundred miles before they get the full workout. Glad to see Evo IV discs are ok, (Thanks Callum). Will let you know how they perform.

Now for the Hayward and Scott Exhaust! Should be done by first week of March!

19-02-2003, 21:52
Guys, may i suggest, Blitz Nur Spec exhaust and Endless Rotors and Disc Pads, nothing else works better.

20-02-2003, 09:15

Did not think there was a Nurspec exhaust for the VR4.....?

Are we talking the 6A13T here not the 4G63 ?


20-02-2003, 12:42
Yes Phil, there is, this is currently what i have on.

...and yes my VR-4 is 6A13 and chassis is E84A...

20-02-2003, 12:49
My car is currently been tested for drag race coming up this Sunday.. take a look at these photos...

20-02-2003, 12:52
.....and here is another photo, showing a set of Konig Verdict rims...

20-02-2003, 14:01

I was told that there was not a Nurspec exhaust available !!!

1. Do you have a part number number?
2. What year is your VR-4?

Love the pics btw....


20-02-2003, 15:05
My car is a 1994 vehicle with endless mods.

Blitz Nur Spec S 80mm pipe and 114.5mm tip prt # mm2020

Blitz Nur Spec Realize TT 76.3mm pipe and 115mm tip prt # 232

Hope this helps.

20-02-2003, 15:11
1994 !!!! That explains it all !!!

Cursed with a 2k model I am afraid....Thanks for the info.

20-02-2003, 17:54
Only the displacement in CCs and AYC has been added to the later models. Not one of the later models can walk in my tyre tracks.