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Carbon fibre bonnet

16-12-2002, 18:11
Carbon fibre bonnet anyone? - see here (

Nick VR4
17-12-2002, 07:56
I dont think these fit the JDM Galants especially VR4's
US Galants are different spec size etc etc
And to get one shipped over to UK even if it did your looking at a few quid shipping costs
And its likely to be damaged


17-12-2002, 15:56
Oh well, I'll just need to get out the tin snips .... :D

19-12-2002, 15:56
hey guys im new to this board, just started lookin on it for evo information because of a project im workin on but i gladly happened upon some vr4 galant owners

im from the US, our galants are not quite up to spec like yours but one thing that i know is the same is our hoods, I personally have a JDM Galant/viento hood on my car, I also have the JDM headlight conversion and Trial Sports kit is not really a site of people who know what they are doing we sell the hoods at , i can help you get one is the Premier Galant site for the US, we have done several swaps on that site so far

we put an evo2 motor into a 96 galant, an eclipse gst motor with an evo3 turbo into a 96 galant, a jdm galant vr4 motor into a 97 galant, a stroked 4g63t into a 97 galant, and we are now putting an evo4 into my 99

if you would like more pics, just ask and ill attach

14-01-2003, 17:06
hi, can u get a bonnet n hood for the evo 6 ? shipping to uk as well.



the car is black in color anyway