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is it true that the gt0 wings and front bumper spread

10-12-2002, 22:57
i heard that once the gt0 go beyond a speed like the porsche spoiler the gto's wings and front bumper come out

Black Knight
10-12-2002, 23:07
Front spoiler drops 2 inches and rear spoiler tilts for max down force at 50 mph, std on UK cars, optional on imports.


11-12-2002, 09:02
cheers knight must look awesome :) by the way theirs a film out named after your name :D with martin lawrence

NR Autosport
11-12-2002, 09:40
Moses, they are awesome! WHEN THEY WORK;)

11-12-2002, 12:10
Yes, a few years ago when a mate was looking for a 3000GT/GTO it was about the first thing he checked because they were so flaky. I'm sure Black Knight con confirm that they can be expensive to fix!

Nothing sadder than a 3000GT with front 'active aero' spoiler sagging at one end!

11-12-2002, 12:20
when the active aero goes rong they jam up or down, pretty reliable though.
Apart from being a toy, they do increase the downforce on the front/rear so it stops the car lifting at the front at speed. Noticed it does make a difference at 180 mph.


11-12-2002, 21:46
cheers guys was just curious coz i heard that happens :)


17-12-2002, 22:00
If anyone is planning to do a trackday at Cadwell Park on the Club (short) circuit, then make sure that you turn the active aero OFF. There is not enough time for the front Spoiler to retract before turning into the hairpin. After 'knocking' it a few times I found that it stopped working (understandable under the circumstances)

Apart from this I the only problems I had with the spoilers was the fact that my local Mitsi dealer did not have a clue how the mechanics of the front spoiler worked, so it took many times untill it was fixed. (If only I knew about Barny then!!)

18-12-2002, 22:12
If anyone wants an "Active Aero" sticker for their front spoiler on a 3000 GT I have one - free to anyone who genuinely needs it for the car: genuine Mitsi. part - cost about 30:00 !

its kicking about here somewhere........................

Mark : that was brave "tracking" a 3000GT !!:D

19-12-2002, 16:48
The 3000GT was a great car to drive hard. I cant really understand why the press slated it so much. When driving slowly it could have been considered boring, thats because the active steering (and the car itself) did a lot of the driving for you. However when pushed hard is was a hell of a lot of fun (and very capable). The only drawback was that it was so Heavy. With the right pads on I could outbrake most things, but generally needed two sets of pads for every track day (which got quite expensive).

It is a shame that you dont see more of them about, especially on the track.
Come on you guys with 3000GT's lets see you out there !!!