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Nearly bought one...

03-11-2002, 12:01
Ha...First to post!...i nearly bought one of these....!!!

03-11-2002, 13:58
lol colie i bet u to it mate :D ask dave g i was the first to post in all of them im the master :D of not bating though :cool: my post was deleted coz it was silly :(

03-11-2002, 17:22
unlucky again!!!!!

Brown Paper Bag
04-11-2002, 15:50
Those FTO's are so damn ugly though! (and they ain't cheap either)

04-11-2002, 16:42
:lol: @ brown haha i said the same thing and got deleted i was nasty :D

05-11-2002, 03:03
I had one of them, look nice (better look than evo from me wife and her friends) but crap breaks.... thats why I wrote it off!!
not too expensive to buy now but **** me the insurance are the same as evo!! with only 200bhp in 2 front wheel!!


05-11-2002, 03:31
8/10 of my friends have FTOS,
and they always comparing which ones better.

i give up:confused:

05-11-2002, 13:21
You only got 10 an FTO you would have a lot more :)

05-11-2002, 13:44
Fto's are cool and have owned one for about 4 years now.

However hand on heart they are not as fast as they look, bakes need upgrading to diamonds and when you stomp on it you dont get the warp factor as you do in an Evo...

...thats why early 2003 I out to get one

any one know of good companys that don't rip you off Part Exchange??


05-11-2002, 14:20
Ive owned FTO`s (3 in total now) sfor about 6 years now and I love the looks, but need more speed...thats why Im looking at dropping a galant 6A13TT engine in as soon as I source one.

06-11-2002, 16:01
all i can say is quality is better than quantity i would stick to evo's :D

07-11-2002, 15:56
I love the FTO's looks. I had two before the EVO.

Rich, what ever happened to your turbo project.

Had the opportunity to drive(for a whole week) my ex-FTO last month and it feels tiny, still feels OK to drive though.

07-11-2002, 16:01
Its still on the cards Im looking at putting the VR4 2.5ltr twin turbo in (6A13T) when I can find a cheap enough one!

07-11-2002, 16:06
I guess that engine has around 280bhp how you gonna reliably put 280bhp on the tarmac via FWD.
Or do you have plans to take the running gear too?


Dave Wilson
15-11-2002, 10:52
Hey, don't dis the FTO, it's a damn fine car.

Okay so it's not as fast as the EVO (it's faster than most things on the road like the Golf GTi and it's as fast as the fastest Honda TypeR's). The looks of the FTO (especially with decent wheels and a suspension drop) are "prettier" than any Lancer.

I've had both cars and you really can not compare them. The FTO went for 8k and the EVO cost me 25k. You can never compare cars with that price gap. For what it is the FTO is smart.

This was mine:

15-11-2002, 11:19
Its got Mitsi TCL however if that cant handle it I think I will be getting a racelogics TCL.

15-11-2002, 16:53
Looks sweet DW....shame you could not adfford to keep her when you go the Evo6