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Excellent service from RSE

13-06-2006, 15:28
Got a nice 4 days off now so wanted some Tein S-Tech springs ASAP to fit while I'm off.

Called Tina at RSE motorsport yesterday around 1pm and there they were in the hall way when I got home from work at around 2.30pm.

Must have taken less than 24hours to get to me. Obviously despatched as soon as I put the phone down.

Amazingly fast and friendly service at an excellent price which is definately what we all like to get.

Thanks again Tina ;)


13-06-2006, 16:14
could not agree with you more mate nothing is too much trouble for them :coolsm:

14-06-2006, 19:30
Cant fault RSE at all, they are ace :D