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29-05-2006, 20:21
just had my car mapped by mark on saturday :D there is a big difference on accelleration now and the car peaks at 1.8bar :cool: mark is a top bloke :cool: and i would recommend him to anyone!!! just not looking forward to my next tweak around marks mapping course :blush: :D

29-05-2006, 20:31
Waiting to have mine done in the next week hopefully.

What did you have done mate?
which ECU? and what are the main differences?
can you really tell the difference on acceleration?

and do you know if it is going to be more fuel efficient?
did you need a new Fuel pump?

and what differences has it made (if any) to the sound of the car?
any pops and flames going on?

looking forward to mine going in, and am interested in other peoples results.....

30-05-2006, 15:34
i had an autronics sm4 ecu fitted, the difference on acceleration is really noticeable but as for fuel efficient !! i dont think so :D the car does pop and bang now and when on hard acceleration it sounds more like a bike :cool: