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ecutek results.

13-05-2006, 15:03
had my car mapped this morning by sam (the dentist) at the scooby clinc and came out with a healthy 278hp atw.

Had a couple probs wich dave (evo400) was kind enough to sort out for me, one was a misfire at high boost wich was due to plug gaps and running rich at high revs wich was due to a small crapy intake kit, dave fitted a filter that made an extra 16hp atw :confused: , amazing what diffrence a larger filter can make.

well happy with results car feels so much smother now and pulls like a train.

big thanks to sam and dave for doing a top job :D

13-05-2006, 15:28
Just out of curiosity what was the filter that was causing the problems and what was it changed to?

13-05-2006, 16:10
Good result richy, as you know mine made 275 @ wheels, which made the drive home far more interesting, all 240 miles of it :D
Can highly reccomend Sam and Dave (evo400) for anyone contemplating the Ecutek, go for it.

13-05-2006, 17:27
the original filter was a power enterprise intake kit, bout the same size as the apexi kit.

it was swapped for a large powertec ally mesh type one.

so if you have not got a dustbin lid sized filter get one fitted :D

just pulled some money out of my pocket to find the manifold bolt they took out to attach nock sensor, ooooops id better go stick it back in. lol

13-05-2006, 18:27
by popular demand here they are.

the old filter.

13-05-2006, 18:28
the new shiney one.

14-05-2006, 10:20
how muh did it cost bud?

14-05-2006, 22:12
I had almost exactly the same problem with the filters.

I had the Apexi and I had to junk it in favor of one of Dave's which does a much better job at flowing.

The Apexi easily fits inside it!

Not a bad result either. :coolsm:

The filters will be available via Dave's (Evo400) site very soon.

15-05-2006, 23:14
What's the filter like from a noise point of view?

I'm thinkng of removing the standard airbox and setting up a cold air feed but don't want anything too noisy.

15-05-2006, 23:31
It's pretty noisy (most filters are), but that was the only reason I purcahsed my first induction kit.

The Evo400 one is not any noisier really, it just sounds different.