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Evo400 and The Dentist

01-05-2006, 13:35
A huge thank you to Sam and Dave for their help yesterday evening (Sunday!!!) for resolving a boost issue on my car.

The boost issue was nothing to do with the M800 ECU they fitted, and actually turned out to be a faulty wastegate actuator, but still they were happy to resolve it for me. Nothing seems like too much trouble for these guys - even on a Sunday.

Sam also uploaded the new MoTeC software onto my ECU. All driveability issues with the old ECU software are now gone. Drives just like the standard ECU...until I put my foot down of course. :eek: :D

Thanks so much guys.

Thanks also to James for his hospitality.

01-05-2006, 16:27
you are welcome mate :) enjoy the car ;)