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Carbon Goodies GB Exhaust Trim

05-03-2006, 21:35
Now I know that Group buys take a wee while to come to fruition however I am very impressed at the response to Lee Linford @ Carbon Goodies group buy on Exhaust trims for the Evo. and what can I say - a wee box arrived on my doorstep the other day- as light as a feather.....what could be inside ???

(recorded delivery to keep the posty on his toes - isnt it amazing at how much kit disappears when Pat's had his paws on it ???)

Not much was in the box actually cos the parts are so bloody light. however, It was my new trim....the fit and finish are superb, and Lee has been very helpful when it comes to fitting instructions. I cant wait to fit it - I dont know I may become carbon man instead of fussy bas?*&%
Thanks Lee
looking forward to more carbon

PS just a wee note here people - some vendors are selling this kit at highly inflated prices for some reason - Lee's price IS reasonable and the quality is first class - I know where I will be going for carbon.....Carbon Goodies

Do I sound converted yet Lee ????

cheers for a good service and product