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Big thanks to NR

Tom Dick
27-02-2006, 08:00
My car has been to NR for a fortnight, I picked it up friday night and what a difference, BB turbo, 10.5 housing, APS intercooler, piper cams, 45K service, rear discs and pads, oil catch tank, cusco manifold heat sheild and to finish it off a nice shiny new spark plug cover.

The car is a different machine altogether, mid throttle pull is amazing, the ability to put your foot down mid corner and its straight on boost and away you go.

I took my dad out in it on saturday, he is bit of a petrol head and to quote him "I wouldnt be fussed if i didnt travel in that f(_)king thing again, its a ba$tard rocket" :crackup:

So big thanks firstly to the tax man for the rebate ;) and secondly to all at NR for the excellent service and cheaper than expected bill :D :D

Roll on Cadwell

Northy 8
27-02-2006, 18:16
Glad to hear nick and the crew did an excellent job, Mine is in at the minute, having basically the same mods, glad to hear it was worth while, cannot wait to get it back,

Chris J
27-02-2006, 19:38
We aim to please ;) :D