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New colt CZT

14-02-2006, 17:55
anyone driven the above car?

i got one as a loan car today and they are fantastic little cars, really punchy and you can throw them around and they give the impression of driving a much bigger car, can you mod them and do they share any parts with evo's?

Had 2 colts before and the always seem really well balanced.

those mitsubishians know how to build a good car when they put there mind to it!


14-02-2006, 18:37
Been there done that. 2nd gear goes on forever!

14-02-2006, 19:00
yep, cracking little car....

15-02-2006, 15:48
Is it not just a Smart four4 underneath.

I tried a CZT and a clio 182 back to back and tbh the Colt felt terrible. Shame cos I was looking at upgrading my 1.2 clio and do think the CZT actually looks quite fresh and :cool:

15-02-2006, 16:05
pah CZT :mad: ... no, don't missunderstand me i like them BUT when you have an EVO on the drive why have a pseudo pocket rocket aswell :confused:
...go drive the 3cylinder 3dr colt ;) NOW that's a laugh - Jeez you have to make some big decisions in that wee motor, it handles like the CZT but has no power, when you get it up to pace it's a challenge not to slow down!! :eek: :crackup: :crackup: ...roundabouts are so'oooo much fun.

I do agree with the Clio comments too, unfortunately the CZT will never approach the chassis dynamic of the Clio due to its DC/Smart underpinings - but the result is non-too shabby if you can't afford the ins. on an evo :D