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Diesel set up with/without EGR

22-01-2006, 18:10
I have bought a '94 2.8 TD Pajero.

It has an EGR valve.

I took it off, as apparently they are notorious on Paj's for gumming up, and cleaned it to within an inch of it's life. I noticed while it was off that the vacumn pipe which actuates it was blocked with a ball bearing, apparently this is one of the fixes for excessive smoke, however, some of the wise on the Paj owners forum reckon this is a bad thing, so i unblocked it and got it all working again.

The car then smoked like my Nan and under partial throttle sounded like (if it were a petrol) it was suffering from extreme pre-ignition. I jammed the ball bearing back in the pipe.

I have been told that having the EGR disabled can cause excessive heat build up in the head? Could this be true or can i just leave the damn thing disabled? I intend having the pump timing re-setup anyway so should i have it done sans EGR or put it all back as Mr Mitsubishi intended first?