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Announcements in Forum : Spotted
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Forum Rules

MLR Forum Rules

Please read and abide by the following Forum Rules which are in place to ensure the MLR Forum remains a friendly community for Evo owners and enthusiasts to discuss and enjoy all social and technical aspects of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Please remember that the MLR welcomes people of all ages including children and from all races and religions around the world, so please post with respect and consideration of others. Please note - we do not allow txt talk on the forum.

If you have a thread/post deleted you should receive an email or PM from the moderator that removed/edited it explaining the reasoning behind the edit/removal and referring you back to these rules. The exceptions to this will be when the reason for the deletion/edit is posted on the relevant forum by the moderator or if the reason is obvious (eg: insults, arguments, racist comments, Links to questionable material ), when no other communication on that particular action will be sent. Blatant disregard for the swear filters will also be edited and or removed without communication.

Your thread or post will be deleted if it contains one or more of the following;
• Pornography, links to pornography or links to other inappropriate sites. This site is accessible to people of all ages and there are plenty of other means to get access to inappropriate sites if you really want to
• Xenophobia, racism or personal abuse. (see below)
• Threats of violence of any type towards anyone
• Deliberately inciting a flame war within this or any other forum
• Deliberate advertising or selling of illegal material, and weaponry of any type
• Link to/and videos showing any content which is considered to be in bad taste
• Anything invasive of a person's privacy
• Commercial posts and/or trading on the MLR without prior agreement (see below)
• Forsale posts containing weapons of any description

Your thread or post may be edited or deleted if it contains one or more of the following;
• Swearing and offensive words including offensive words embedded in images. Again, children access the site and appropriate parts of posts/threads will be edited to remove the offending words/images. If this is not possible then the offending post/thread will be deleted
• Spam or any other form of unauthorised advertising. This includes unauthorised posts of a commercial nature
• Flagrant disregard for the interests of the community (anti community spirit)
• Any copyright-infringing material (either text or graphic). Again, the relevant part of the thread/post will be edited. If this is not possible then the thread will be deleted
• When the thread contains any material that is deemed ‘potentially libellous’ in the eyes of the moderator editing/deleting the thread i.e. anything that can be considered damaging to a company or individual that cannot be proven by facts. If the moderator believes that the post/thread to be potentially libellous then it will be removed and advice sought from the individual poster to try and obtain the facts and reasons behind the post. If suitable facts and reasons are given the post will be reinstated.

When will I be banned from the site?

Banning of individuals from the forum will only be actioned as a last resort, ie: a person will be banned from the site if that person repeatedly and blatantly ignores these forum rules.

In the first instance, a warning of their conduct will be issued and their future posts will be monitored closely. If the person continues to ignore the warning and post material disregarding these rules then that person will receive a *24 hour ban from the forum.

If the person returns and continues to disregard the rules they will incur a *1 week ban and then given one final chance to be a part of forum. If they decide to continue to disregard the rules this will result in a permanent ban which will not be reversed.

The above is for full members. Any non-members/registered users displaying the above issues will be banned permanently with no previous bans issued. We will also ban any member/non-member whose behaviour is deemed detrimental to the MLR and or its community, and anyone who threatens the MLR, their staff or representatives with any form of legal action.

This covers all rule breaches with exceptions of;

ANYONE making racist or xenophobic comments will receive – without notice – a temporary ban of 1 week*. If they continue to post racist or xenophobic comments after that period, they will receive a permanent ban which will not be reversed. Posts of goodwill, holiday wishes etc will be allowed and anyone found posting xenophobia, racism or personal abuse on such threads will have their posts removed and a ban issued without prior warning.

Anyone found to be trading unofficially will first receive an official warning to stop, if they continue they will receive – without notice – a temporary ban of 1 week. If they continue to attempt trading without permission after that period, they will receive a permanent ban which will not be reversed.

Any abuse/rudeness towards our staff and/or management in any form, will result in immediate suspension and or ban of your account.

Please note the Moderators decisions are made as a group, and are final. The Moderators also reserve the right to ban an individual or individuals permanently if deemed in the best interests of the Forum.

Signature Guidelines
Users are required keep the size of their signatures to a reasonable size, ie: an image of less than 35KB and a maximum height of 125 pixels, or 5 lines of normal text. Signatures will be edited if too large and all links / references to other websites / businesses removed with the exception of MLR Traders, or they have prior agreement. Links / references to other car clubs may only be allowed if that club hosts a reciprocal link to the MLR., and by prior arrangement with the MLR
Signatures made with the specific intention to offend someone else, either on the site or otherwise will be removed

Information for Non-Members
Please be aware that if you are not a full MLR Member you are limited to making a maximum of 20 posts in the last 30 day period. You will not have access to the Parts For Sale area on the forum, or have access to the PM facility. Non members trying to get round the monthly 20 post limit by creating new accounts will have all their accounts suspended.

Libel, Slander and Defamation
If any company, organisation, individual or other body feels that a post made on the MLR forum is slanderous, libellous, defamatory or otherwise illegal they should formally write to us outlining their grievance and we will take it under consideration. Anybody found to be posting anything perceived to be libellous, slanderous or anything containing defamation will be responsible for their post – and their details will be given freely to any legal body requesting them.

Rules are subject to change without prior notice, and it is the responsibility of the members/registered users of the MLR to keep up to date with any changes that may be made. Ignorance is not an excuse for unsatisfactory behaviour.

*option to go straight to permanent.
These rules can be subject to any change without prior notification at any time, and at the discretion of the MLR
The Mitsubishi Lancer Register Ltd reserves the right to refuse any membership and or membership renewal.
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