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 Gold Class Shampoo and Conditioner £6.98
 A Super Slick Finish The rich lather and conditioners in this top-selling shampoo nourish your vehicles finish, and the brilliantly slick surface chases water off your paint reducing the drying time and leaving a shimmering gloss. It safely removes dirt and contaminants without stripping wax. Safe for all types of paint, ‘........... Member Price £5.99
1 In Stock
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 Sheepskin Mitt £10.98
 Your Car's Finish Deserves The Best. Nothing is as gentle on your car's finish as natural sheepskin. These ultra-soft wash mitts have a deep, plush pile that will pamper your car's finish with loads of soapy water. The super-soft mitt is the most gentle way to wash your car as the wool fibers keep dirt away ........... Member Price £8.99
1 In Stock
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 Even Coat Applicator £5.99
 The specialised mircofibre material of the Even Coat Applicator produces amazing results when applying wax or polish. These pads are ideally sized for long term comfort and you can wash and dry them as you would any of our towels. Twin Pack Member Price £4.99
2 In Stock
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 Natural Shine £9.48
 Natural Shine Vinyl & Rubber Protectant When your dash, trim, tyres, and other vinyl and rubber surfaces were new, they were rich in colour and lustre. Now you can recapture the look without leaving a greasy, plastic gloss and avoiding a blinding glare off your dashboard. Cleaning agents lift dirt and grime, whilst UV ........... Member Price £7.99
3 In Stock
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 NXT Speed Detailer £9.38
 This extension to the NXT line up is designed for the removal of light dust and contaminants on all paint surfaces. The clear ESPs provide a clear shine without film build up and above all is easy to use for quick touch ups. 710ml Member Price £8.34
1 In Stock
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 NXT Glass Cleaner £8.99
 Streak-Free Glass Cleaner Meguiar’s have been making surface care products since 1901 and only now has new technology meant that they are able to bring you a glass cleaner which offers better cleaning and leaves behind no residue. This advanced, engineered formula offers superior cleaning against smoke film, bugs and tree ........... Member Price £7.50
3 In Stock
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