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Joes Evo VIII

Hi guys

I've had my evo for 2-3 years now and been a member of this site since then, but ive never posted anything, I havent really used forums since my zlet corsa days So I more use this site for research or when im bored and want to read about some-ones insane evo

But anyway, I've decided i might aswell show you the progress of mine

When i first bought it it was a bog standard GSR 260, and i immidately started buying things for it

I've not got many pictures, but here are some

Anyway, cut a long story short, i managed to smash my oil filter on a pothole or a rock or something on the motorway and ended up running the engine at 120mph+ on full boost with no oil!

As soon as i saw the oil pressure light i turned the engine off and coasted onto the hard shoulder, obviously at first i had no idea what had gone wrong or what as broken, so i got the car taken home on the back of the RAC truck where i had a look and could see what had happened

After that i decided to put the car in my garage and leave it while i save for a house and think of what to do with it

Fast forward 18 months and i got myself a house, so it came time to see if it will run! Not been run since then so gave it a quick service, changed the fuel out, recharged the battery and it started right up

Obviosuly i dont trust that engine one bit, just nice to know it runs and its not banging and rattling about!

so next i took it to its new home, which is much more spacious than the old one

Now ive got settled its time to get this thing how i actually want it, I'm going to be going down the 2.2 stroker road, just started stripping it all down and i've emailed ross sport to advise me on whats the best components to use

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Picked up an RS rear diff today, wanting to get it reconditioned before i fit because its 17 y/o

this is where the car is at, cant really make much progress at the minute because i need to push the car out the garage next week so i can put up some shelves at the back

but once that is done i can actually properly start stripping it down
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