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* * * 30-130 2013 - RAF Marham: *Date change* 10th August * * *


To all drivers - you must register all details for yourself and your passengers here: http://www.lancerregister.com/mlr_30130register.php

Thanks as always to RAF Marham, I’m very pleased to confirm the MLR's 30-130 event will be held on Saturday 23rd March 2013 (or Sunday 24th March for the ‘all-marque’ day).

“30-130” is the best opportunity for you to understand the REAL performance of your Evo! This isn't a standing start, but a rolling start from below 30mph after which you have approx 1.5miles of straight ultra smooth tarmac to pass 130mph - or carry on for a top speed run.

There's no running order so you can run when you want (subject to the queue - which we get through as quickly as possible!) The average number of timed runs is approx 5 or 6, but we've seen some drivers do 15+ runs. You’re welcome to do a run without a VBox (or use your own if you have one) to bypass the queue and go straight out, but only data from the MLR's calibrated VBoxes being used on the day will be used in the results.

The current 30-130 record is still held by RossW in his Evo6 in a time of 5.84s.

Please read ALL the following information carefully, paying particular attention to the Registration & Security Clearance requirements below;



To ensure we don’t have a reoccurrence of the 2012 entry problems, there will be a new online form for 2013 that all drivers must complete for themselves and their passengers (maximum of 4 passengers per driver).
  • This form will only be available after you have booked your place
  • All drivers need to be registered on the MLR forum as the online form will be linked to the forum. This can be done here: http://www.lancerregister.com/mlr_30130register.php
  • Additional drivers should be registered as a passenger

Entries will be available via the MLR MLR Shop from Monday 7th January 2013

Online registration forms will also be available from 7th January, and all forms need to be completed by 28th February 2013

Everyone - without exception - needs to complete a Registration Form details regardless of whether you have been security cleared for previous events, have clearance to work on this station, or are serving RAF personnel etc. If you miss the deadline and do not register you will not be able to attend as you will not receive security clearance.

30-130 EVENT:
  • We’ll use the full length of the 1.5 mile / 60m wide runway of super smooth tarmac
  • All cars will be fitted with a Racelogic V-Box in front of the MLR unit to record your car's performance
  • Cars will run one at a time and must start each run within the designated area for that run to count
  • After completing a “30-130 run” drivers have the option to complete a top speed run if they wish. This is not compulsory but you may not have a better, safer and legal way to find out your car’s top speed
  • The next car will be released when the previous car has passed the halfway mark on the runway
  • You must brake at the braking markers to ensure you don’t overrun the end of the runway and risk damaging the airfield infrastructure
  • Once the car has returned to the Paddock and the VBox has been removed, your 30-130 time and Top Speed result (if applicable) will be displayed at the MLR unit as soon as Dave has downloaded the data from your run

  • 07:30 - Gates open. (DO NOT stop at the Guardroom - go straight through to the first barrier checkpoint. You MUST show your Photo ID on the day or you’ll be turned away)
  • 07:45 - Driver and Passenger Registration / Car number and wristband collection
  • 08:30 - Drivers briefing (mandatory)
  • 09:00 – Sighting lap
  • 09:30 – Event start
  • 12:30 – Lunchbreak
  • 13:00 – Event restart
  • 16:00 – Event close


Places can be booked from 7th January 2013 via the MLR Shop.
  • Car and driver: £99
  • Additional drivers: £59 (pay on the day)
  • Passengers: £10 (pay on the day)
Note: Bookings close on 28th February 2013


All drivers must have full UK driving licence

Photo ID:
ALL drivers and passengers must bring photographic ID on the day to be allowed into the venue (no photographic ID = no entry)

Fire Extinguishers:
ALL cars must have a fire extinguisher fitted - preferably in an easy to reach place, eg: in front of the passenger seat. This will be checked on the day and any cars without extinguishers will not be allowed to run

Corner Weights:
We will have our corner weights at the event as usual, so if you want to corner weigh your car you can do so anytime during the day. This will be managed the service and direct you onto the ramps and the scales. Readings will be recorded and can be taken with and without the driver

Helmets must be worn by all occupants - drivers and front seat passengers

Noise Limit:
Noise from motorsport has now become an issue for RAF Marham. Although it’s understood that running a single car at 30-130 is not the same as running numerous cars together at a trackday, noise monitoring will take place on the day if required but they will be as lenient as possible. We are not allowed unsilenced exhaust systems. The static noise limit is 105dBA (measured at ½ metre, 45 deg, ¾ revs)

Rear Spoilers:
For reasons of safety, cars must retain their rear spoilers and blade, unless fitted with a carbon bootlid or similar which does not allow for a rear spoiler

Vortex Generators and Trim:
Debris of ANY type on the runway is the single biggest concern at RAF Marham. Aftermarket VGs and other trim have a tendency to come off when travelling at over 130mph, so all VGs will need to be taped front and back to ensure they stay on the car. If it’s not done when you come to collect your VBox we will do it for you!

Towing Eyes:
It is your responsibility to have a towing eye or strap fitted and/or accessible on the day in case you need to be recovered. The RAF recovery crew are experienced and will treat your car like their own, but they have to be able to return your car to the paddock, so please make their life as easy as possible whilst also removing the risk of damage to your car

Only front seat passengers are allowed and must be 16 years old or over. There is a small charge of £10 for passengers on the day

Food & drink (burgers, bacon rolls, coffee etc) will be managed by the RAF who will be based in the ’30-130 paddock’

It is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that no litter or cigarette ends are dropped anywhere other than a bin. Failure to observe this very simple rule seriously jeopardises us being invited back, so please use the bins provided (or your pockets!). Anyone seen dropping litter will be escorted offsite

All spectators must come with drivers already booked in – a maximum of 4 per vehicle – and have been registered by the driver they are attending with on the day. All spectators must also bring photographic ID with them on the day or they won’t be allowed in

We need a handful of people to help with putting the V-Boxes in the cars and changing over memory cards throughout the day, so please PM me or Mechell if you’re interested in helping and include your email address

Video Cameras:
All video cameras must be securely mounted internally via suction mount or bolted to a rollcage. No hand held cameras are allowed. All footage must be for personal use only – eg: not uploaded to YouTube, forums etc

Due to the extremely sensitive nature of the venue, cameras are only permitted for personal use, eg: photos cannot be posted on forum or websites. No professional or commercial photography is allowed

Marshals & Emergency Cover:
The event will be fully marshalled and include Medical and Fire Cover

30-130 wouldn’t happen without the help of the RAF volunteers who marshal and support the event– all of whom are petrolheads and would sell their sister (or brother) for the chance to own the cars attending the day. If you’re happy to give them a ride we will give you a sticker for your windscreen so the guys know they can jump in with you sometime during the day. Thanks in advance from me - it's good to be able to give something back

If places sell out before the deadline a reserve list will be started (we will need your name, email and phone details) and any places that become available offered to reserves in order

Please tell Mechell or Darin if you cannot attend for any reason. Please DO NOT post on the Forum offering your place to someone else as we need to manage the entry list for security purposes and they won’t have registered. Please be aware of the MLR's Cancellation Policy

Sunday 24th March– All Marque 30-130 Day
If for any reason you can’t attend the MLR 30-130 day on Saturday, we will be running another for all other marques on Sunday which you’d be welcome to book. Same details and costs apply

Last but not least:
A huge thankyou to George, his staff and the RAF Marham Station Commander who continue to make this event possible.
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Gary @ APT
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Send a message via MSN to Gary @ APT
and DONT speed in pits!
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I'll contact the Bristol peeps and see who's interested !
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Excellent event, a credit to the RAF and MLR.
Do you get discount for two cars?

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Not this year ..

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Originally Posted by Matthew@WP View Post
Excellent event, a credit to the RAF and MLR.
Do you get discount for two cars?

Oh are you paying for me to go

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Anyone from Kent going or doing this ?
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Northy 8
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Sound job
Defo going to do this event
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Originally Posted by Gary @ APT View Post
and DONT speed in pits!
He's on holiday, not looking
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I'll be up for this, couple of Q's though...

Fire extinguisher, does this have to be screwed/bolted in? Are they available to borrow/hire?

Vortex generators, anyone had issue with paint coming off with the tape etc?

Thanks, Matt
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Originally Posted by mr matt View Post
I'll be up for this, couple of Q's though...

Fire extinguisher, does this have to be screwed/bolted in? Are they available to borrow/hire?

Vortex generators, anyone had issue with paint coming off with the tape etc?

Thanks, Matt
Last time I was there it was enough just to cable tie the fire extinguisher to passengers seat ,well below it on the lever thingy. I've also taped up all the bits that may fly away,ie vortex generator,splitter etc etc. just bring enough cable ties and duck tape
evoless ,now something on a different Note
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mr matt (28-12-2012)
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TOO many posts.......
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I'm in.
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Would've signed up now, guess I can wait till 7th

200+ anyone
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Totb 2011 5th overall.
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nitrous evo
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Can you just go and watch if so how much ???
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