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Apex or Tein lowering springs 8 MR

As the title says i cant decide between the Apex or the Tein springs.Can anyone with either of these springs let me know their thoughts in terms of lowering height and handling.


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Car: E8 MR FQ 340
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None on your list. I wouldn't use 'budget' spring kits...

Eibach are the ones I'd use with the Bilsteins if any..

To be honest it'll not be a big noticable improvement over what you have now. I'd save your hard earned bread and put your money into a quality set of coilovers like Ohlins R&T's, or you could have a look into the Bilstein B14/B16 kits for the cheaper option. Do it right first time round or end up buying x2.

HTH a bit
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Using springs with the oem struts, is not wrong. Wrong is to use the inappropriate springs. A stiffer and lower spring will improve handling without sacrifising much.

I would suggest you use springs which give a maximum drop of 1,4 inches and not further than that.

If the car is more used on the track that the road , I would invest on set of bilstein B8 struts and a pair of swift or eibach springs, along with a rear whiteline uprated anti-roll bar.

Otherwise you can go for a coilover system , lots on the market depending on your budget, just remember that you get what you pay for.

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stotty1, do a search on here as theres a more in depth thread on this subject

The gist of it was to stay with the standard MR billies and use Eibach lowering springs from an Evo 4,5,6.

I have Tein springs/std Billies on my MR and they do lower it nicely but the ride's very stiff (not much more comfort than the Tein Monoflex i had on before to be honest). I tend to scrape the back box a bit now and then too.

Apparently, using Evo 4,5,6 Eibach springs on the MR with the std Billies doesnt lower it quite so much as the Teins but gives a far better ride and no scraping.


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