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Lancer GS4 for evo?

Hey guys,

This may sound wild but im just throwing it out there, don't ask don't get mentality.

I currently own a mitsubishi GS4, modified to look like the evo

Now, im only 23 and i'm not ready to grow up yet, i need a stupidly powerful evo in my life.

My question is, do you reckon there are Evo owners out there that are, you know, getting to that stage in their lives where they've got a family, they need to settle down, nothing says that like a comfortable Diesel, 48mpg mitsubishi lancer,problem-free with 77k on the clock GS4 :P

My dream is to find someone just like this, and do a straight swap (obviously plus cash)

Has anyone every heard of this? probably ludicrous i know, who'd ever want to give up an Evo for a diesel? right? :P

Just putting it out there :P

Cheers guys!
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Never hurts to ask I say...

Unlikely to be honest but you never know. I'd say try and sell yours and then buy an Evo from someone off here, you'd do better as a cash buyer, it'd open up the whole market to you rather than someone you just described (if they ever actually exist!)

Good luck
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It's not unreasonable to think someone might want to trade-down, but it's unlikely they'll want to trade for a standard Lancer made to look like an evo. Once you get to my kind of age you grow out of silly attention-grabbing body mods.
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What have you done to your GS4? If there's goodies, I for one might be interested in px'ing for std bits etc?
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Hi mate send some pics to: advantez@aol.com
Kind regards
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if you had a 7 seater x5 or q7 I would swap
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I'd buy your gs4

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