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* * * evolution Magazine - Issue 7 * * *

The 7th edition of evolution magazine should be with all MLR members this week and includes all the following good stuff. . . .

- Girl Power: Hellen Nordback's Evo X race car from Sweden
- Transformer: The latest incarnation of RossW's Evo6
- LongWay to the Top: The final part of Dave Rowe's 'Pikes Peak' trilogy!
- Rallyista USA: Alvin Fong's exploits in rallying on the other side of The Pond
- OZ Nats: Evo racing from down under
- Need for Speed: TOTB & 30-130 reports
Plus: Evo International from Thailand and Cyprus, Evo Sport from MLRSS, TA & Eurosaloons and MML Sports, Evo Life from all the UK regions and all rounded off with an ultra fast aquatic Alter Evo

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Sterling work as always
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Well done Darin and Co.

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Can't wait
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Nice I await the delivery of the Evo mag.. Another X on the front.. sweet
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Cracking issue...
and even a more cracking shot of my car in the back
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Is it wrong I actually like the pink x? And she's fallen on her feet going out with the owner of a tuning co, free parts what more could she want
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20watt TME
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I'll second that tully-o. And a cheeky one of my red mak just below
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Just got mine as back from the forrest on bike and watching F1 and da m/bikes then a bit of reading
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Hi, i recently joined the mlr and received my copy of the magazine today, i havnt received any other documentation however, does this follow in due course as was a few weeks back that i joined, sorry if ive put this in the wrong area i wasnt sure who to ask.
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RR Dave
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My first issue since joining and got to say very impressed with the quality of the magazine!
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Originally Posted by RR Dave View Post
My first issue since joining and got to say very impressed with the quality of the magazine!
I'll echo these comments. The mag looks proper quality. I've only had a quick flick through but there looks like plenty of good articles, loads of quality pics and the advert to article ratio is very reasonable. The amount of times I've bought a mag only for it to be packed full of adverts is unreal!

Quality mag guys, thanks to all who help put it together
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Look forward to seeing this
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Was not expecting it, so was a great surprise when it came through the door.

Good read.
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THE 905S
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Awesome issue Darin. Thanks
Built and maintained by MG Autos Motorsport
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