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ipad & virgin media

Is this true ?

My parents have an ipad and internet connection with virgin media, their broadband keeps dropping out (has been ok for 2 month) so i telephoned virgin tonight and they say sorry we charge if you have an ipad,, laptops and other computers are free but not ipads are they taking the p--s , this was 30mins ago , so i said i want to cancel and they want 95 quid

What to do
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Rachel @ Distinctive Detailing
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sounds a bit dodgy. Can't see how they can charge for a wireless device. I never had any problems with mine but Virgin customer service is toss.

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speed junkie
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Ring them back up and say that you had brought your ipad up to see about the dodgy internet connection your folks had been giving out yards about.

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red baron
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Is the router set to channel 11.

The password to gain access to the router is ADMIN then CHANGEME if I remember might help.
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Haha I've never heard that one before. There are no charges for connecting an iPad.

iPads usually connect quite easily, I take it they have the superhub? Is the Internet dropping out, the top light on the hub flashing green when it goes off? It should be blue.

If that light stays blue when Internet goes off then I recommend you change the wireless channel as something is interfering with it.

What you need to do is log onto the modem using one of the laptops. Type into the address bar. Then the username is admin, and password is changeme.

Go to the bottom of the page and click advanced settings.

Now in the left column click wireless settings and change the channel number from auto to 11 and click apply at the bottom of the page.

You might need to restart the modem at this point, when you try to log back into it it might say only 1 user can log onto the modem at once, if so just restart it and log back in.

Next, in the left column click on connection, And in the box labeled downstream Channels there is a column labeled Power, look at all the numbers in that column and they should be somewhere between -5 and 10 let me know what they are. Next to that is snr and that should be above 30, again let me know.

Underneath is a box called upstream channels, the one we are interested in is power, this needs to be below 53, any higher and it will cause the Internet to drop out.

Let me know what you find

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Yankee Ruin X
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I had a similar problem with my iPhone on Virgin using their Superhub. Don't listen to their Customer Service about chargin extra for an iPad they are talking out their rear end.

I found the problem to be that the iPhone kept trying to use the same IP address as another device on my network and that was what was causing the problems. To solve it I set my iPhone up with a static IP address way down the range so that it would never conflict with another device. Since then I have never had a problem with it so I would give it a try.

Just google "how to set up a static IP on iPad" and I am sure you will find a straight forward tutorial.

Hope that helps
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