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Originally Posted by set1234 View Post
Struggling to see how this is your fault. You were overtaking. He pulls out (indicating or not should be irrelevant), obviously he failed to check either his mirror or blind spot......perhaps both.

Witness could very well know the guy.

Has the insurance decided that you are taking the blame for it, or are they telling you its looking that way.

Glad you're ok though
I agree with that.
"I was indicating" isnt a magical blame resistant answer.

So I could indicate, then go run someone over and use that excuse?

That said - the OP was attempting to overtake 2 lorries and a car (at least that what he could see - may have been more in front of the lead artic) and thats a long queue to be overtaking.

I bet he'd booted the evo. I'm suprised to be honest that Mr Plod hasnt had a word.
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