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Free 2017 MLR Wall Calendar!

MLR members will receive the 2017 MLR wall calendar with the Christmas edition of the MLR's magazine "evolution". Each month features a main image and covers each Lancer Evo generation with supplemental images of other Evo models for each month, whilst also trying to make sure there's a balance of road, track, sprint and show cars!

Indigo-GT KW Suspension Group Buy - Save 300

Thanks to Ant at Indigo-GT MLR members can save almost 300 on some of the best quality KW fully adjustable suspension available. The KW V3 suspension offers exceptional build quality with individually adjustable rebound and compression technology, enabling you to get the best performance from your Evo - whilst saving a huge amount of money! See the full thread for details . . .

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GRAHAM 666's EVO 9 MR FQ360

2007 Gunmetal EVO 9 MR FQ360

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The MITSUBISHI LANCER REGISTER is an independent organisation dedicated to the owners and enthusiasts of Mitsubishi Evo and Lancer Turbo performance models.

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