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30-01-2001, 12:50
Anybody know a good source of Jap aftermarket parts other than in the UK (HKS, Ralliart, etc)? I know www.takakaira.co.jp do HKS stuff, but I don't think they do Ralliart. The UK Ralliart prices seem quite a bit higher than the Japanese list prices (couple of hundred quid on the ECU). I believe Takakaira on this board has sourced parts from overseas? Anything to keep the bank balance closer to it's intended level (ie positive!).



30-01-2001, 13:01
Oops - mouse madness, ignore this one.


30-01-2001, 13:15
I was using the user name takakaira in this forum, not related to them, but bough many parts from them like the ARC induction, blitz BOV, Buddy club SS exhaust (117 deciple), Power Enterprise turbine kit, fuel pump, injectors, granador wing mirror, HKS dampers with pillow mount, Stack 8100 dash board, Power FC, etc etc.

They do have Ralliart products but get little discount from them, so they push sales for other companies instead. They are doing quite well with the scoobies.


30-01-2001, 14:26
Cheers Lawrence,

I also heard that you had got an uprated lighting system for your car. If so, what system have you got and where did you order it from?



30-01-2001, 14:49
I always look at http://www.racebreed.com. Never bought from them, but they do have extensive Evo bits and carry Ralliart stuff as well.

30-01-2001, 15:20

Black evo 6,do you have any pictures of your car modifications to e mail me?

30-01-2001, 23:24
Upauto seems to be has extensive range of parts for EVOS..
Check theri site:


31-01-2001, 03:13
Try Ralliart Spain: www.ralliart.es

Mr Mime
31-01-2001, 07:35
Try Graham Goode Racing. These guys have Jap aftermarket parts for Scoob, oil filters,
Belts etc. They are now branching out to Mitsubishi Lancer EVOs too.

-Mr Mime

Dennis the Menace
31-01-2001, 12:02
Black Evo6/Lawrence,
Understand you have bought an ARC panel box induction system. How do you find the system?
Any increased in perfomance and is it noisy?

02-02-2001, 18:23
The ARC air filter does make suction kind of noise but because my exhaust is too loud, I can hardly hear them. I got the ARC 290 and HID(750)from www.takakaira.co.jp