View Full Version : Cars get more weight

A. de Vries
29-01-2001, 22:12
If you see the specs of the subaru wrx its getting heavier every new model
evo 7 rs weighs 1320 kg mostly each new car gets more weight when they bring a new model

my opinion is with all the knowledge of those great engineers of today there must be someone thinking we must go lighter (lotus) perhaps

if it goes on like this we all drive in cars which will weigh at least 2000 kg
guess what happens if that goes for a slide even a 4wd car will not help you out then

you better can have 1000 kg and 280 hp then 2000 kg 560 hp the handling of the 1000 kg will be much better

A. de Vries

My hopes are EVO 8 1000 kg and still 280 hp

Heave Ho Six
29-01-2001, 23:51
They are trying to increase the rigidity of the shell and that usually means increased weight. At the end of the day they are all (WRX and amp; Evo) family saloons so light weight is not as much of a consideration as say on a Lotus 2 seater sports car. They could make it the same as the Lotus but I wouldn't expect you would get much change out of 40k - 45k. I would also like to see a Lotus last a rally stage!