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26-01-2001, 12:02
I got tugged by the local plod last night for having a illegal number plate on my E6,I can`t complain as it is very dodgy but it came with the car when I bought it and I never changed it.Turns out that he thought I had nicked it from Nottingham until I told him the O was in fact a very dodgy looking D.So now I have 14 days to get them changed and was considering getting the front plate done as a sticker and putting on the lip above the intercooler.Does anyone know if this is legal?

26-01-2001, 13:59
Check out Burns' Scooby rally car.
The stick on plate is almost horizontal and not exactly large. As far as I was aware rally cars have to be road legal as they drive on the roads between stages, but don't know if the police would view this as a good defence.


26-01-2001, 17:25
I think it is most likely illegal (don't plates have to be a fixed size?), but you might get away with it. Out here in Jamaica, we cut our front plates down to the bare minimum for the intercooler. It definitely is illegal, but I don't know of anyone that has been ticketed for it.

26-01-2001, 17:42
AFAIK stick-on plates are only legal on 'older' vehicles, I think ones built before 1970 or summat. I know someone who was nicked for having one on his MX5, but he passed countless cops before he was pulled.

Most likely the same with your numberplate, just unlucky I guess. There are sooo many imports around with illegal numberplates I don't even think that Plod is too bothered usually. Even obvious ones like on my <!--http--><a href|EQU| http://www.geocities.com/calum_gt4/car04.JPG target|EQU| _blank >mate's GT4</a><!--url--> escape attention. Maybe they will leave bikers alone for a while aswell! [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->

And lets not even mention Max Power and his 3D, scripted and mis-spaced plates!

26-01-2001, 18:22
I have copied a car I saw at the Park Hall rally at New Year.

Take off the front plate, remove the mounting plate from the bumper. 2 screws from behind then slide it sideways.

Then go to a numberplate maker, select a motorbike rear plate but get them to put white backing on it and use motorbike letters. They will trim off the excess white.

The resulting sized plate will stick in on the area between intercooler intake and fog light.

Looks neat and exposes all the intercooler. Seen loads of police and no trouble.

Could e-mail a pic if anybody wants to see.



Heave Ho Six
27-01-2001, 00:48
Watch out because the government/police are going to crack down on illegal number plates from March this year. They are getting ready for the new numbering system being introduced on 1st September 2001. Any illegal number plate from 1st March will FAIL the MOT and you will also be stopped by the police. Deliberately misrepresenting a registration mark (D as O, 13 as B, etc. or spacing) can result in a 1000 fine and if its a personal registration then it can be withdrawn with no compensation. I have had a close look at what is allowed because I have a new personal reg on my E6.
Have a look at <a href|EQU| http://www.ukspeedtraps.co.uk/plates.htm target|EQU| _blank ><!--autohttp-->http://www.ukspeedtraps.co.uk/plates.htm</a><!--autohttp--> for more information about spacing and plate types allowed.

If you want new plates then have a word with Iain (look on the 'For Sale' Forum, 'Number Plates' thread). He made me up a custom sized set for a very reasonable price. 1 week turn around was impressive aswell considering he had to order a batch of custom sized rear plates as well.

27-01-2001, 16:50
Cheers Heave Ho! 'tis true, I can help with a new plate and can even make up 'sticker' plates for the bonnet. If I can help, please e-mail your details to me and now I have all the bits can do a very quick turnaround.


27-01-2001, 17:20
Christ on a bike !! Sounds like having any fun in this country is about to become illegal. Police shud think a little about this number plate thing , any personal plate especially if creative will make the vehicle MORE easily identified .
Like the speed issue though , we are the victims of a subversive alternative agenda , grief , even the Yanks have lifted most of their national speed limits , I think its Texas where u can max yr car for miles on the interstate when conditions allow [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->

Heave Ho Six
27-01-2001, 17:51
How can illegal number plates be more identifiable? If you make letters or numbers look like other letters or numbers then the reg will be harder to identify. Would you like to get a fixed penalty fine because someone mis-read a number plate and mistakenly thought it was yours?

29-01-2001, 12:51
Your probably correct , the Police are so f'ing thick they wudn't think to use logic to decypher the plate , u know , look at the word or whatever the owner is trying to display then deducing the actual characters and numerals , or even ident the vehicle which is probably unusual enuf to make that easy with the help of the DVLA computer. So u see , if someone saw a vehicle which had commited whatever offence and advised the plod that the plate was something like a word but they couldn't say exactly what , but that the vehicle was definately an Evo or Scooby or Cossy then it pretty well ties the two together at the scene.
U cud easily disprove a FPN if wrongly issued.
Funny though , if yr car gets nicked the Plod do F all , but good grief , if u shud fun up yr reg plate they fall over themselves to pounce. I really respect them for that!!

29-01-2001, 14:54
I've just checked out the web link and have the following question.

If you go for the embossed plates and you want to space the letters could you have.........

Letter (33mm) Number (33mm) Letter (11mm) Letter (33mm) Letter

.....given that there are ranges (11 to 54mm spaces between figures) and (33 to 54mm between blocks).

This would give the spacing look.


29-01-2001, 15:20

I had a few experiences a few years back after I brought my Subaru. The car had initially come from Ireland and so had an Irish Plate on it. I told the dealer that I wanted to keep the plate, as it wasn't age related, and although the font was not quite standard you could still read it at the required distance to pass an MOT. A few weeks later I was driving home on a Friday night, after being in town at about 11:30. I was lucky as there is this one bit which late at night I normally put my foot down. This night I didn't, and I was surprised to see flashing blue lights appear very rapidly. They pulled me and my friend who was on his bike, over an proceeded to have a 'chat' with us both!
I got the copper who liked fast cars, and my mate got the copper who liked fast bikes. After a bit of banter, they told us that they had pulled us both over for having illegal numberplates. He even got out his ruler to prove it! I was lucky, I ended up with a slap on the wrist and verbal warning to get it changed. My mate on the motorbike got a vehicle defect notice and a 20 fine!!

Andy Hedges
L 300 EVO

Heave Ho Six
29-01-2001, 23:37
I just used that as an example, I realise that they can't issue tickets if they can't decypher your number plate.
I suspect the plod are getting worried as they will be unable to enforce the tickets their new automatic reg. reading speed trap cameras issue if you have altered your reg. to read something else. At the end of the day altering regs. is against the law and always has been, its just they have not bothered to enforce it rigously upto now.

Not sure on the embossed/pressed plates but I bet they are a bugger to fit or get the right size because they are metal.
The link is only a brief guide I suggest to get more info from DVLA.


Heave Ho 6

30-01-2001, 07:07
The DVLA don't seem to have this information online (surpised? no neither was I), the best I could come up with <!--http--><a href|EQU| http://www.newreg.co.uk/main.plate?include|EQU|spacingfaq target|EQU| _blank >is this page.</a><!--url-->

30-01-2001, 23:47
Please note that all these regs.are about to change.

The standard size (car) numbers are becoming slightly smaller (57mm down to 50mm wide) in order for GB euro plates to be able to fit on a standard 20.5inch plate, and still be legal.
The height of the letters is not changing.

According to DVLA there will only be one legal character and if not displayed on new vehicles when registered or whenever you're plate is replaced will in effect be illegal.

Not sure of the exact date when all this is taking place (can't be assed to look) [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/tonguewink1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e5-->
But I'm sure someone will find out !

Heave Ho Six
30-01-2001, 23:55
1st September 2001
Its all explained on the link to UKspeedtraps I supplied above.

31-01-2001, 22:34
I have a square yellow rear motorbike plate on my EVO4 - like imported Celicas, Yanks and Hondas. I have not been told that it is illegal by either of the 2 cops who have pulled me. The number and letters are boring and standard but smaller than full size. I was thinking of getting a small rectangular white plate to put on the front.....Do the cops bother with smaller front plates or is it just the rear that they are mainly interested in ?


31-01-2001, 23:38
believe me 9 out of 10 cops don't know the size of a legal registration font, car or bike. Unless of corse they've been on a recent training course and are keen as mustard to try their new found knowledge out on some unsuspecting motorist. [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/sad1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e2-->

Bike digits are 2.5 inch and cars just over 3 inches tall.

You could be reported for displaying bike digits on a car if the copper knew what he was looking for, believe me ignorance is no exception either.

I suppose you pays your money and takes your choice. [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->

Heave Ho Six
01-02-2001, 22:07
Exactly Peely,
If you have a non legal number plate then you may be stopped but I expect if size of the letters is all that is wrong then that will be unlikely. Just remember that they have said they are going to crack down on illegal number plates and its not just the police that are the problem. Illegal number plates will now fail the MOT, we will just have to wait and see how strictly this is going to be enforced. Import MX5/Eunos owners are going to have a lot of trouble with their rear plates if its strictly enforced!
By the way the new lettering standard comes in force on 1st March 2001 ready for the new reg numbering system on 1st September 2001 (I previously said 1st September for the lettering...whoops!)
I just read this week that there are even less traffic police today than 10 years ago. Something like 15% of the whole police force were traffic police 10 years ago and now that has dropped to roughly 8.5% [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/biggrin1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e13--> although there are a loads more speed traps about. [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/sad1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e2-->

P.S. I just tranferred my new personal reg today, the bloke in front of me in the queue wanted to know why he didn't get any number plates with his reg document! [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/biggrin1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e13-->
btw N6 GSR so no problems with my front plate blocking the intercooler or any need for small lettering [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->

03-02-2001, 09:16
...you will also be expected to fit the new style plate if your old one gets damaged, regardless of when it was first registered. Apparently, you will only be able to purchase plates from a licensed supplier and they can only give you the legal format!!! Unless you know someone who can make them for you [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1--> [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1--> [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->

03-02-2001, 09:41
Maybe a good idea to stock up on a couple of cuurent-spec replacements for bird-strikes, track 'excursions' and g/f parking mishaps then? [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/wink1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e3-->

03-02-2001, 10:04
no need to stock up, just give me a shout when you need them [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1--> [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->

Heave Ho Six
03-02-2001, 12:09
Yeah Iain will help you out with number plates, just <a href|EQU| mailto:IPES1@aol.com >mail</a><!--url--> him for an order form/price list. As I said above I got my custom sized Evo friendly set from him, have a look below. Btw I know the car is dirty, Jerry (Rock and amp; a hard place) said he hadn't seen a dirty Evo before so I thought I would show him mine! Looks like a proper rally car:



Iain P
03-02-2001, 17:37
you have GOT to get some mud flaps! Great pictures [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->

03-02-2001, 17:51
Thanks HH6, just realised I haven't been logging on so my e-mail and profile don't appear. Derrrrrrrr!

03-02-2001, 18:01
Double derrrrrrrr!

Heave Ho Six
03-02-2001, 18:10
Mud flaps are for wimps [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/biggrin1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e13-->

03-02-2001, 18:39
You call that dirty? Pah! You should see my car sometimes, you could be forgiven for thinking it has grey plastic panels a la 1992 Rover 214 on the doors such is the impressive amount of road-crap clinging to my car [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/biggrin1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e13-->

Mind you it'll probably have rusted away to nothing in 6 months, but there you go [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->

Nice pics btw [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->

Heave Ho Six
03-02-2001, 19:07
Unfortunately the pictures don't really do it justice. Driving through a stone yard everyday helps to keep it nice and dirty, only 2 weeks of grime on it so far so theres always room for improvement although the rain doesn't help in keeping it dirty. If I wanted it dirtier I could always go through the lake like mud puddles but I'm not a masochist!

How about a sort of reverse concours competition! [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/biggrin1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e13-->

My car is considerably dirtier than yoourrs!

04-02-2001, 07:59
ONLY MEEEEEEEEE http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1--> you didn't want to drive on a dirty road......... you wanted to drive in a mud bath, that's what you wanted to do [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->
[img]http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u|EQU|1453436 and amp;a|EQU|10916129 and amp;p|EQU|40007214 and amp;Sequence|EQU|0 and amp;res|EQU|high