25-01-2001, 22:59
A relief.
It has just been confirmed that my motor is not effected by the AYC recall.
I must admit that I have had no problems with my rear diff at all.Unlike Jonathan and a few others .MY chassis number is under 5000,so probobly an early edition,and before dec 96.
I must admit I can get the AYc fooled at times .As I did tonight in a foul mood ,####er of a day,and banked a left hander and all hell broke loose ,but nicely corrected ,and no brown patches in my underwear.
Time now to enjoy the car again,as I have been a little suspicious of the AYC recall,and its affects.
I have spent some time dragging its arse around bends waiting for some thing to happen,expecting the steer from the rear. I do get a little tail out at times ,but I shall fit a wider tyre on the rear than the front this may help.Its the devil in me, That wants to push a little harder when no one else is around and on occasions tightening my arse cheeks ,hoping that I have learnt a little about the cars capabilities.
AAAAhhh !!! well,fun and frollicks again,Watch out Swindon P77EVO is about.!!!