View Full Version : Norhern Rolling Road On Sunday 25th Feb

25-01-2001, 18:33
We still have a couple of places left for the EVO v Scooby shoot out - at the moment 12 Evo's and 9 Scoobys have 'booked' but there is room for a couple more members.

Japanese Performance Car will be there to do a article and are looking for future feature cars.

More details on Events - Rolling Road

Trevor - MLR Northern Events Co-ordinator

25-01-2001, 19:00
I have already signed up and looking forward to meet the WRX, P1, STI and of course all fellow EVOs. I thought MLR was looking for 10 EVO and 10 Scoobies.

25-01-2001, 20:36
It was originally a max of 20 cars hence the 10 each but Well Lane have said they can 'run' 25 cars.

At the moment it's 13 EVO's and 9 Scoobys, we are posting it again on the Scoobynet so there should be some more interest from them.

TrEVOr -MLR Northern Events Co-ordinator

25-01-2001, 23:03
Looking forward to this one ,any one familier with a B and amp;B I could book into for saturday night?
Coming up from Swindon ,wilts.
1/2 hour by Evo