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dean r
03-01-2001, 21:42
This is day 2 of ownership of my EVO 6 and I've just been pulled by the cops. 44mph in a 30. He completely ignored 3 other cars travelling at the same speed and stopped me, are these cars cop magnets??

Anyway, I beg and grovelled like never before and the good chap let me off.

For any locals, Rivington area, unmarked Black Mondeo T plate, waiting in a layby with a laser!

03-01-2001, 22:19
Sheer bad luck!

I must admited I have never been stopped by the cops in 12 years of driving. I think you will find that the cops will single out Evo's just to get a closer look at one!

It is very easy to go 'illegal' in an Evo as you all probably know. I overtook a slow lorry (40mph) in a 50 zone (country lane not a built up area) and found myself doing a ton within a very short distance! (mind you I think Evo speedos are not very accurate) It is far safer if you overtake and get back on your side of the road as quickly as possible because you are in the 'danger zone' for as short a time as possible. I am sure the rossers wouldn't look too kindly on it though. [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/wink1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e3-->

I good read is 'Roadcraft - The Police Drivers Handbook'. I read it quite a few years ago and have applied it too my driving. You end up with a safer, quicker drive and more economical too! Most of it is common sense to seasoned drivers but it is good to see that you are driving correctly. I think it should be a compulsory read for learner drivers.

Sorry to get a bit off topic [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/biggrin1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e13-->

04-01-2001, 07:05

Well grovelled [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->

Whereabouts exactly in the Rivington area? I ask, as this is my local patch too.


04-01-2001, 10:03
Hi all,
Dean, whereabouts in Rivington?? Like Pesky, Im not too far from there and occasionally use the road from Belmont to Rivington for a blast.

dean r
07-01-2001, 14:47
It was on the B6226 after it crosses the A56 near the new McDonalds. Beware!