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03-01-2001, 13:18
Can anyone recommend a good insurance company / broker as my renewal from Privilege Ins has come through at 1218 which is an increase of nearly 300, [ I`m forty with full 65% no claims bonus ]

Regards Dave

Martin Stirling
03-01-2001, 13:41
You could try Admiral. I've got mine insured with them and I'm 27 with only a year no claims and I pay 1500. Pretty good I think.


03-01-2001, 13:49
Call Tom at Schofield Insurance, tell him Blowdog sent you.

Number is: 0113 250 0377

03-01-2001, 14:30
I have shopped around for insurance on my EVO IV and the cheapest by far was Adrian Flux.
730 for fully comp, protected. 7500 miles a year. I am 36 with full ncb 20 miles outside London. The nearest quote I got was about 1200 from some other brokers. They all said that only Norwich Union would insure imported cars, however I read in Banzai magazine this month that Norwich Union are no longer insuring imports after a spate of ridiculous claims on these types of car. I did notice that it was harder to get a quote this year compared to last year. I only hope that it the EVO does not get the same reputation as the Cosworth Sierra did a few years back, and become uninsurable.

I have had several Ford RS cars in the past, insured through the RS Owners Club Dominion scheme which was excellent. I am not a member of the Lancer Register but a club insurance scheme would certainly speed up my application.



03-01-2001, 17:29
I also use Admiral. They were cheaper than everyone else for a standard Evo, although I have just found that they don't like mods too much - quoted 80 pa extra for filter and amp; exhaust and a staggering 160 pa to fit a few guages !!!!!.


03-01-2001, 18:06
Try <!--http--><a href|EQU| http://www.belldirect.co.uk/ target|EQU| _blank >Bell Direct</a><!--url--> on 0800 140 180 as they were 300 cheaper than Adrian Flux for me.

Also try here for a list of EVO friendly insurers <a href|EQU| http://geocities.com/chunkybigfootcom/frameindex_insure.htm target|EQU| _blank ><!--auto-->http://geocities.com/chunkybigfootcom/frameindex_insure.htm</a><!--auto-->

03-01-2001, 20:38
HI All

I recently posted mentioning that Tett Hamilton Insurance were far and away the cheapest for me 1100 on a newly aquired Evo 3 you could try them on 01275 792270. Recently some twonk has run into the back of me in the snow and I have had to make a claim. Whilst on the phone we were discussing insurance on Evo's and he said that Axa (who also do imported car insurance, including my own) have along with Norwich Union raised all Evo's to insurance group 20 and also increased the premiums required on Evo's across the board. This comes partly as a result of some of the fine work that LTR members have done selling these fantastic cars to the world. Apparently insurance companies don't enjoy reading about how fast these things are in magazines like Max Power and Rev's, they believe it attracts the wrong type of car owner.

I should probably point out that I actually thought that the articles that have appeared in all of the magazines not just the ones in Max P and Revs, have all been excellent.


Steve Law

dean r
03-01-2001, 21:34
Tett Hamilton were cheapest by 400. I paid 1150 for an E6, I'm 32.

03-01-2001, 21:50
Bell Direct were 1289 for me including protected NCB (100 less if I didn't want it). 350 excess (it was 700 from some others!).
I'm 28 (29 tommorrow hehe!)
GU postcode
No convictions
1 accident (third parties fault - Jan '99)
SD and amp;P and amp; commuting

Adrian Flux wanted over 1500 so [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/tongue1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e4--> to them

Insurance premiums are rising generally. I had a quote back in March last year (2000) for 1200 from Adrian Flux. A 300 rise over 7 months.

04-01-2001, 17:15

Thankyou for all your suggestions i`ve phoned around and have found the best offer to be from
Performance Direct 0870 604 0136 [Policy with Norwich Union] 918 Full Comp / protected ncb / legal protection
But no trackday cover!
Can anyone advise on cost / availability?

Regards Dave

i want one
05-01-2001, 18:58
I looking to getting a e6 in the summer so looked for some quoutes on the net .
they started off at 8500
then got a call back saying they can offer me cover for 5000

now got it down to 1721. fully comp on a e6
with bell direct on there web site.

by the way that quote is for me and i am only 21.

05-01-2001, 20:45
I'm not an EVO owner yet, but I have spent the last 4 days ringing insurance companies and filing in on-line forms.

The best deal so far for me was Directline's online quoting. A 1999 Evo 6 GSR was 1295 based on value of 22k. I also got a quote from them for a Evo 5 1998 worth say 18k and the quote was 1282. Whilst I was online I also got a quote for a 1986 Ferrari Testerossa valued at 29k and the quote was 1073 (CHEAPER!).

I am 30, 3yrs no claims, 1 claim 1 year ago (my fault) and amp; 1 claim 2 yr ago (not my fault)

Hope this helps,

09-01-2001, 17:19
Privilege Ins have confirmed that they do cover trackday use!
Makes the 1218 premium look good.
regds dave