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New Evo 6 Boy
31-12-2000, 13:53
Hi All

Just wanted some of your informed opinions on several points about the Evo 6.
Having owned one for about 2 months and amp; dreamed about owning one for 12 months before that I have to say that I am disapointed with a few things about the car.
Firstly and most importantly I can't believe how hard the suspension is.
If you hit any type of bump in the road or slight pot hole the suspension does not seem able to cope. It make quite a thump when moving to ride the bump or pot hole also the car seems to move around on slightly uneven surfaces making complete control difficult.
I am also getting clutch slip when giving it some welly from a standing start which makes it feel slower that I would expect. Should be about 4.5 secs to 60 mph.
The car is in standard form and only done 7000 miles.
Help from anybody gratefully accepted.
I am used to driving this type of vehicle.
Had an Impreza for 2.5 years.
Still think a lot of the Evo BUT a little dissapointed!!


31-12-2000, 15:39
Suspension; yep they are very hard and will follow road camber quite easily.double check your tyre pressures with a (quality) air gauge. To give the car a better ride try the Eibach spring kit (dragon etc) as this vastly improved the ride quality. As to clutch slip, ive done 10k now and no problems but dont foget that road test 0-60 are always going to be quicker because its not their car and they dont have to fork out for the clutch replacement! see previous threads about the quickest and least harmful way to do standind starts.

31-12-2000, 15:55
Yes.. I agree with you.
If you want to make 4.5 sec - 0 - 60 mph.. Holding for about 6000 rmp in 1st gear..and then drop the clutch!!!... I am sure you will get 4.5 sec without any doubts......but if you do that so many times then... A new set of clutch is needed.

Happy New Year

01-01-2001, 12:29
Copy that.
The suspension is set up for Jap type roads , so at less than warp velocity in this country it's harder than Labours fuel tax policy.
Also the ride height is too high , this we are told is due to a Jap regulation that every car must be able to have snow chains fitted!! U have a huge choice of options for moding the suspension , if u are in the UK get to the Autosport international show this month at the NEC to see lots of stuff.
Full on standing starts with the traction and torque of this car are not for the faint hearted . You HAVE to immediately and fully engage the clutch when U want the full performance from zero , or , it burns !!
This is a hard core performance car , but it
will astound u when u realise it's ability to humble virtually anything on the road.
Just give it time.

01-01-2001, 16:59
Agreed. The suspension and clutch are disappointing and good candidates for replacement. I opted for suspension by Drummond Motor Sports and a Ralliart ceramic clutch. Exedy do a twin disk replacement clutch system that will be my next choice.