View Full Version : How high is the spoiler on an Evo6 ?

31-12-2000, 10:26
Well, I've decided to take the plunge and order an Evo6.

I've decided to go for the RSX, as my company car allowance won't stretch to the GSR.

Hopefully, I should get the car sometime towards the middle of January, so I am now looking to re-arrange my garage so that the Evo will fit.

This is where my question comes from. I currently have a load of shelf racking that reaches from floor to ceiling in the back of the garage. With this in place, the garage is not long enough for the Evo. I plan to cut the racks in half, and then mount them high enough up that the Evo's spoiler can go in underneath. This way the garage will be long enough.

What I need to know is how high the spoiler is off the ground. None of the dimensions on the brochures etc. show this measurement.

I'd appreciate it if someone could measure this distance, and let me know.



31-12-2000, 11:42

129cm (suspension not lowered!)


31-12-2000, 12:10
Thanks Daryl.

I now know what I'm going to be doing next week!