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22-12-2000, 06:22
Is it ok to go through an automatic car wash with the hood vents of the Evo6 open ?
Or what is the best way to wash it.


- ron

22-12-2000, 08:25
I'd never put my E6 through a car wash. It worries me that the rear spoiler may be damaged and with the very thin paint scratches would become very apparent. The easiest way to wash it is using a jet wash, be careful not to bend the intercooler fins with the spray though. You could always get a bucket and sponge out or even take it to a hand car wash somewhere. As for the air intakes etc. mine has never had a problem after all washing it is only like very heavy rain.


22-12-2000, 09:12

I asked a similar question a while back when I had done my back in so couldn't wash it properly myself (and was too tight to have it valeted). I recall several people questioned my sanity.

I looked at the paintwork on my other car (Pug 205) and carwashes have left countless fine lines in the paintwork, so I think carwashes are best avoided if you care about the looks. Most auto washes also advise you not to use if you have any spoilers or protruding bodywork so its a case of at your own risk...

Someone did point out that part the wastgate actuator mechanism was under one of the bonnet louvres and water getting in could have caused an electrical problem. Mind you, sounds like its hard to avoid if you're driving in the rain.


22-12-2000, 10:38
For once let's be positive:

Maybe you do not remember guys, but this car's been made to race on the most difficult stages on this planet (and I don't mean TM's car, but more Group N cars, which are more like ours). So don't worry about water going in the engine compartment or else.
The only thing you should think about as Steve said it, is the looks, which shoudn't be damaged for respect of the limited number of Evos existing
I always hand-wash mine, and last week I used a special product (with teflon, so a little expensive), which made it shine like it never did before. Don't know the name of it though.


22-12-2000, 13:16
Def don't put it through a car wash put it through a hand wash place. Here in London they'll clean inside and out for a tenner and it's brilliant driving out the water sprays with steam billowing out all the vents. It's pretty spectacular to watch - like a dragon or smething!

Mr Mime
22-12-2000, 14:11
I always wash my 6 with a low tech bucket and sponge. You can get to the bits the automated washers miss.
Rinsing is done with a watering can, loads of water down the bonnet vents and cold air intake.
No worries so far. ( 34k miles)
I think most time is spent cleaning the brake dust from those wheels though, zero fighter wheels would be easier.

-Mr Mime

22-12-2000, 16:37
Thanks for all the information about the carwash!

I'll just go to a do-it-yourself carwash.

Just got my evo6 TME and what a car!!

22-12-2000, 19:33
I agree about the wheels! I spent quite a while today with my bucket and brush washing them out. They do look nice when clean though and it stops the old brake dust taking hold. Roll on summer!