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18-12-2000, 11:48
I have just bought an EVO 6 and get really paranoid about some scumbag stealing it.It has a Cat 1 but I want to fit a tracking device but do not know which is best.I thought the RAC trackstar sounded good untill my insurance company said it was crap,they told me to fit a Tracker,I have heard plenty of people say they are no good.If anyone has one fitted let me know what you think of them.

18-12-2000, 13:28
I have a Tracker 24. It appears to be great, but...

One guy on this board had his 6 stolen and Tracker couldn't find it. Apparently, professional thieves take them out before they move the car, or disable them.

I guess it's down to what your insurance company prefers. Personally, if my car goes missing I don't want it back.

18-12-2000, 14:12
I have a Telematics e-guard. Apparently one of the better ones. I have full European cover with it and the system makes it trackable even if it was put into a cargo box. When I had an accident on the last one, it was put onto the top of a toploader, 5 mins later, I got a call from Eguard.

Mr K, the car is on the M1 junction 9 southbound, are you in it?

No, I explain and they cancelled the subscription while I transfered it over.


18-12-2000, 16:25
What ever device you get if the car is placed in an earthed metal container before it is found the signal from the tracking device will be stopped (I'm a radio engineer so know a bit about these things). There may be abit of leakage out of the container is its doors don't seal properly or it isn't earthed. The thing to look for is the average recivery time for various devices as the sooner the police start looking the less time the theiving scum have to be off with your motor. I went for a tracker as the dealer was just down the road and I know someone who's Skyline was put on a trailer when it broke down and tracker phoned him to tell him it was moving. Its up to you really. also check out the subscription costs.

18-12-2000, 18:18
i am also looking into a tracker for my 6. tracker is good but i have found a new tracker called carbug. with these you just pay your lot and get software to track the car on your own PC unlike tracker which you have to pay a subscription every year and you can not transfer the tarcker to another vehicle. I have a friend with a carbug on his van and he has found it very useful having the use of his own PC to track the vehicle whilst it is out. the web page is www.carbug.co.uk and i hope you find this useful

19-12-2000, 22:34
How much are trackers in general ?


20-12-2000, 20:11
I have the Navtrak system fitted.
I rate for the following reasons:-
1. Its not to expensive to install.
2. It has a reasonable monthly subscription.
3. You can contact the control centre in Manchesterb 24-7 and ask the following:-
Where am i now?
Has my car moved within the last 3 hours? and where has it been?
What speeds have been reached!!!! etc.
I personally think its the ******** but with regard to the proffesional theif and me being heavily involved with Security i Know the trick that ####s em all up! But it will definately keep the spotty 17 year old dick head out of it!
If you want more info- Give us a shout!

21-12-2000, 07:39
I also had a car go missing (3dr cossie) with tracker fitted and it was never recovered, and i imformed Tracker and Police 5 seconds after it drove off down the road! This was 3 years ago so i assume they have improved the system.(then you had to imform the police to get an incident number before tracker would do anything). I have securicor trakback on the evo, just because I had good recommendations for the system and how effective it was.As they say, if some ****** wants your car, they will find some way of getting it.