View Full Version : fog lamp lenses

17-12-2000, 12:10
has any one got a single one or a pair of lamp lenses for an evo 6 because i have noticed that I have lost my passenger side one. is this a poor fitment on the car from that factory? how do i fit the lense? should it go in from the front or do i have to take bumper off?

22-12-2000, 17:38
First:I beleive you can only buy complete fog lamp kits(expensive) but try co-ord sport or equivelent first.
Second:You can access the unit via the inner wheel arch cover therefore avoiding removing the bumper.
I `lost` the D/S glass thanks to a nudge (2 mph) from another car, must be that they fall off due to closeness of bumper surrond.Luckily his insurance paid up for the pair!

22-12-2000, 19:55
i'm sure co-ord. do just the lens separetly.

25-12-2000, 15:31
cheers guys i will give them a try soon