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21-01-2001, 21:16
Now that Mitsubishi is moving towards a WRC car, will the Evo7 be a true homologation model like the Evo6 ?
Do we have the last of the true rally cars ?

The other manufacturers who have WRC cars do not have any true homologation models.
Peugeot/Ford/Skoda etc do not even sell anything remotely similiar.
The WRX STi looks similiar but is very different(top mount vs front mount intercooler etc)


- ron

Heave Ho Six
21-01-2001, 21:58
You still need homologtion for WRC but you only need to build 50 cars to qualify for WRC status.
Most manufacturers base their WRC cars on mass production cars anyway (Peugeot, Ford, Seat etc.) as the WRC regs allow quite a lot of modifications to the standard production base car:

Modified front and rear suspension layout and attachment points
Add-on turbocharger even if the production car does not have one.
Modified transmission and additional transmission tunnels in order to fit a 4x4 transmission even if the production car is 2 wheel drive. Consequently differentials and gear box are free.
Modified engine intake and exhaust systems
Modified engine position (the engine can be relocated by a maximum of 20mm as compared to its original position)
Modified wheelbase (20mm) and track widths (1550mm max)
The maximum car width allowed is 1770 mm
Minimum length of 4000mm

Due to the 'free rein' that you get in the WRC group you will probably find that the new Lancer WRC may well be based on the Evo 7 but in reality it will be no where near the same as the road going version, as you said, much like the Impreza.

However the Evo 7 was no doubt produced to contest the Group N Championship again as they totally wiped the board last year in this group! Top ten places were Evo's I believe!

I'm no expert on this matter try <a href|EQU| http://www.rallycars.com target|EQU| _blank ><!--autohttp-->http://www.rallycars.com</a><!--autohttp--> for more information or <a href|EQU| http://www.fia.com target|EQU| _blank ><!--autohttp-->http://www.fia.com</a><!--autohttp--> for homolgation details.

Incidently WELL DONE TOMMI! 3 years in a row! Also well done Freddi Loix for 6th position.

21-01-2001, 22:44
Tommi had 4 years in a row


Heave Ho Six
22-01-2001, 00:09
oh well www.rallycars.com got it wrong then.

22-01-2001, 08:18
Makinen became the first man since Germany's Walter Rohrl in 1984 to win the rally three years in a row and only the third man in the event's 90-year history to claim a hat-trick. (taken from the BBC news website)

Perhaps this is what rallycars mean?

Heave Ho Six
22-01-2001, 09:53
In that case Blowdog must be wrong because they would raved even more about him winning the Monte 4 years in a row! I'm no rally buff so I don't know, I'm just glad Tommi is doing so well!
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Blow Dog
22-01-2001, 10:34
I am going to keep my mouth shut from now on, any contribution I make is always ******.
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Sorry, I thought you were talking about championships, not Rally's.


Heave Ho Six
22-01-2001, 22:07
Hey Blowdog it wasn't ******, you just got it messed up, np m8. You should see the ****** I put on here sometimes....hehe [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/biggrin1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e13-->

23-01-2001, 16:57
Tommi won the Monte 3 times not 4. In 1998, he was leading but crashed the car. An amazing performance still


23-01-2001, 21:51
tommi,your mate,won a rally with no subaru,peogeot,or ford competition
if he didnt win this ,what could he win !!

Rock & A Hardplace
23-01-2001, 22:10

Fair point - but he did WIN! A result is a result, and it was a EVO6 albeit heavily modified!