View Full Version : Evo7 specs, pics, colors

13-12-2000, 00:24
Here is a link to the new Evo7 stuff.
7 new colors and more torque but heavier.
Something called ACD has been added too and a new steering wheel with metal spokes!

Doesnt look very aggressive though.


Mr Mime
14-12-2000, 11:29
I agree,it does look less agressive. It seems narrower( as the new Scoob is also), and also the lack of fogs in the piccy
emphasize this.
Nice that it has a little more torque though !

-Mr Mime

14-12-2000, 23:09
I rekon that the bacl looks Cooool.

But the front is almost LS400 regal !

The rally edge seems to have gone


15-12-2000, 15:10
Hi guys,

again, as an Evo VI owner, I am quite happy, because the VII is not as aggressive as the VI (or even the V and the IV), and it does not provoke in me the desire to own one immediately as it did for my VI...
Rally heritage looks gone as well

Ah yes, one good point. At least, it looks better than the new Impreza (which is not very difficult...)


12-01-2001, 12:40
ACD (Active Center Diff)
introduced for choices of
ACD will work hand-in-hand with
AYC, hence a different Transfer Box
and amp; AYC-ECU. ACD only available for
GSR model.

|EQU| and amp;gt; ...does that mean..., that you
can switch between these three
road/weather-conditions [img]http://www.ltregister.force9.co.uk/graphics/Wilk.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >