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12-12-2000, 22:50

Does anybody know how i can get the Mitsubushi diamond on my intercooler/protective mesh, as per Mr Makinen (an anybody else who rallies a Mits - there are all sorts of motifs out there), as i reckon it would look really good on that gaping space?

Also, any tips on keeping the edges of the intercooler clean, behind the mesh? (I was tempted to put this under technical questions.....)



13-12-2000, 12:48
U wud apply yr chosen logo to the intercooler by sraying thru a template , it can be done with the i/cooler remaining on the car , just be careful not to overspray onto the bodywork.
Try applying Rainex windscreen treatment to the end tanks of yr intercooler , it shud prevent soiling for some time.

Show me the Logo!!

Mr Shopper
14-12-2000, 10:27
Not that I use the Evo soley for trips to ASDA, but one one occasion I let the guys in the carpark wash the Evo.

It looked okay when I returned, but when I next came to wash the car I saw that they're jet washer had collapsed the little fins on the intercooler.

I guess theres a few lessons to be learned here, but one of them has to be don't try to jet wash the intercooler!!