View Full Version : 98.6ron fuel!!!!!!!!!!

07-12-2000, 03:23
I would very strongly recommend that all jap
imported evo's which are mapped for 100ron fuel
use an octane booster to raise the RON on our
carrot juice 97ron super unleaded.

Anyone got any ideas just how much BHP and MPG
they are losing by running 97 or worse 95 ???
I can tell you now, probably quite a bit when
you knock sensor starts retarding your ignition !!

I have a solution and its cheap!!

Millers Oils produce a very handy octane booster
which comes in a small bottle, sits in your glove
box and when added to 50ltrs of super adds 1.6ron
fuel !!!!!! FANTASTIC..!!

If anyone fancies a trip down to Ashford, Kent
or Croydon, Surrey and wants to pop in and try
some of this stuff I can offer very good discounts,
Each bottle retails at 3.49 but I can sell at 2.99
to LTR members or 27.50 for a case of 10.

if your wondering why im typing a mail at 4.23am,
its because im buying my first Evo today!!!!!!!!!!
An Evo5, in yellow, 19k miles and im so excited
I cannot sleep...........

Thrustin Justin
500bhp Supra Twin Turbo
and Stock Lancer Evo5 (in about 6 hours time)

email about Millers : jfoden@staveley.co.uk

07-12-2000, 08:46

Is this the Millers Octan 10|PLS| that comes in the purple bottles? Local motor factor flogs it for 4.95 (crook)! May be interested - Croydon is not far from me.


07-12-2000, 14:42
Thrustin mate...
Millers quote 5% power loss at the wheels for every 2deg you retard your timing!

Hope you love your car...I know you will!


08-12-2000, 12:23

ok there are two Millers octane booster. The one im selling adds 1.6ron,
retails at 3.49 and as I said. I can do for 2.75.
The second version adds more ron, something like 3-4, it
also acts as an upper cylinder lubricant, but its expensive,
retailing at nearly 5 per fill!

Hope this helps, and if anyone is interested im on 07931 879908.

Thrustin Justin.

08-12-2000, 14:47
I go for the nore expensive version - if you believe the claims its the one that adds 3-4 RON. I keep one in the car in case I ever need to fill up and there's no SUL available as it will get a full tank to 98 RON or higher.


08-12-2000, 16:25
The more expensive stuff is Millers CVL isn;t it ?
That can't be used in cars with cats, etc as far as I remember...


09-12-2000, 04:26
Yes, the stronger booster is Millers CVL though
I was under the impression you could use it with cats.
I will find out and let you know. IMHO the 1.6ron booster
is all that is really needed if you use 97ron super.