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03-12-2000, 19:50
Nice run you sorted there, although I noticed each of the 'major' villages we went through all had a Spar - any reason for that [img]http://www.ltregister.force9.co.uk/graphics/Happy.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle > Now I know how you work out the route during your working week.

Nice to see a load of Evo's in their natural element - tight, twisty, uneven, damp, narrow roads.

Good fun that.


04-12-2000, 07:48
Me too.It was a good day out, and a big thanks to Kevin for organising everyone. I was shocked just how fast Skylines are.
I'm definately up for Track day on Anglesey and for the Rolling road day.

04-12-2000, 12:16

I really enjoyed it to, glad to hear you did. I am sure you will all vist that route again in your own time!http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/TooHappy.gif <!--e13-->



04-12-2000, 16:58
Yup, thanks Kevin for doing a sterling job with the organising, even if you sometimes can't tell your left from your right http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/Happy.gif <!--e1-->

I had a damn good time, especially the road after Hawes http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/Wilk.gif <!--e3--> Could've been nasty if that sheep hadn't kept walking however. Only thing was I missed the Ribble valley turn off and ended up at Skipton again, missed a good bit of road there IIRC.

Mentions must go to Pesky's exhaust, I'm only just regaining full hearing http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/Happy.gif <!--e1--> and the chap with the Skyline (Eric?) - what a nutter!

Definitely be up for another one sometime, my car hasn't had a good run out like that for too long!

04-12-2000, 21:03
Anglesey circuit ?! Ty Croes?
Wahey, when do you intend to visit there ?

About 2 years ago I (briefly) held the Road modified MGB lap record.

Its a great track, but I think they resurfaced it and re-profiled it not long ago. I think they made 'radar' easier - it used to be a right tight bugger.
The main straight has a gravel trap at the end, followed by what always seems to be a nose dive into the sea.
Turn 1 is 80mph in the MG, even when a little damp.... I want to see more from the evos http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/Happy.gif <!--e1-->
Have fun...