View Full Version : Evo 1 RS

mark csc
02-12-2000, 22:38
Does anybodt have any info or specs on the Evo1 RS?


rs pilot
03-12-2000, 10:19
Get hold of a white GSR, remove any electrical goodies you can find (windows, central locking, clock, mirrors etc); change climate control to air con; take out the seats, centre console and door panels and put in some cheepies; chuck away the abs, stick on some steel rims, paint the door handles and mirrors black, remove the rear fog lights and you're about there!

Now the bad bits over, you have saved youself 70 Kg so you'll be quicker than the GSR you started off with.

Don't think for a second I'm putting the RS down, I own a 1 RS, and don't miss the creature comforts. When I bought mine it already had 5 spoke OZ's, turret brace and the wiring for a sound system from hell from my unknown Japanese friend. My first intention was to bolt in some decent Sparco's but I find the stock seats quite comfortable so haven't bothered yet.