View Full Version : Official Recall

01-12-2000, 13:19
The statement from CCC tells those of us who have been talking to them since the outset no more than we were told 3 months ago !

Thats all very well, but what progress has been made ?

01-12-2000, 13:29
I know its the same details as we have been informed of before.
How ever all our efferts are now coming to fruition with this official statement.
It has been publically acknowledged to ourselves.
Now its upto us to get our numbers if not done already,sent again.
There has been alot of pressure applied to CCC to get this far.
Some of you may of had a call from watchdog as I had done and Jonathan also.
This does not mean that we sit back and relax by no means,and wait for CCC to contact us again.
We will still have to get informed of progress.
But all in all I am happy that they have responded to this club.


Paul s